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'I listen to my skin a lot.'
I'm Ravy Nopuente, and I work as a freelance artist and Twitch streamer. My stream consists of playing games or creating art, which means I stay in front of my computer screen for several hours. I have to look presentable on
'I began to focus more on my skin while in quarantine.'
I'm Bianca Arcega, and I work as an Executive Assistant for Hon. Faustino Dy V, District Representative of Isabela, 6th district. I act as the point of contact among executives, employees, clients, and other external partners. I also format memos,
It's super fresh and glowing!
Even though the government has eased the restrictions, many of us are still working from home during the pandemic, not only for our safety but also for the people around us. Being able to work from home is a privilege, so if
'I think now is the best time to experiment.'
Ever since the beginning of the pandemic, we've put a lot of our day-to-day habits on hold, and that includes our beauty routines. It seemed pointless to do our makeup when we're just at home and
You don't have to look like a mess just because you're working in your pambahay.
Being able to work from home amid the COVID-19 pandemic is a privilege, and it's definitely something to be grateful for. For those who are new to this system, this set-up comes with a lot of benefits: You
Get dolled up like Seo Dan IRL!
Seo Ji Hye might play the chaebol heir Seo Dan on Crash Landing on You, but her beauty secrets are definitely fit for us average folk. The Korean actress' daily makeup routine, for example, is loaded with practical beauty tricks that
Quick and easy for when the temperature rises!
The arrival of warmer months (let's face it, it's just always *warm* in the PH) means retiring your full-coverage makeup lewks for a bit in favor of skin-like, "fresh lang" ones. Not only will you be
Her makeup look lasted for 12 hours!
If you're looking to upgrade your makeup routine into something that can withstand the summer heat, turn to YouTuber Rei Germar's latest video. The 23-year-old vlogger shared her affordable finds that can last even through her
Her MOTD only takes 15 minutes!
If you're a morena beauty junkie, you would know the ~struggle~ in finding makeup products that work for your dusky complexion. Thankfully, YouTuber Johnreyslife shared her *simple* makeup routine that's not just affordable, it's also fit
This routine is certified MRT- and Angkas-proof. ;)
Wearing a full face of makeup while commuting is a dangerous game. With the situation in this country, you can never know whether your makeup will still be there by the time you get to your destination. We're here to
She prefers using a darker foundation on her face!
The Victoria's Secret Fashion show was the game-changer for Kelsey Merritt, and she certainly did us proud-pretty much every other Pinoy is stanning Kelsey at this point. And now, Vogue has taken notice, too! The international fashion magazine
We want everything!
Breaking news: Heart Evangelista loves using affordable makeup, too! For her Paris Fashion Week looks, the fashionista and beauty junkie only brought makeup products that don't go over P500 each. And judging from her flawless pics, it goes to show
They're a busy gal's best friend.
Stick makeup products have come a long way from their infamous thick and cakey formulas. But many people still think they're not as good as their liquid/cream counterparts. So, we're putting a stop to those "beliefs" by
No need for touch-ups!
We're always in awe of how flight attendants look fresh during their whole shift. It's just impressive how their faces never get oily, and their eyes appear bright and awake even during long-haul flights.Good thing AirAsia
aka how to do your own makeup when you have no other choice.
Attending an out of town wedding means you're on your own in terms of hair and makeup. And more often than not, you need to wake up super early to get ready. Worry not about your beauty gameplan because we&#
Here are all the products they can't live without.
We raided the everyday makeup bags of 10 girls to find out how different each of their routines are.Skin Type: CombinationProducts: Banila Co. It Radiant CC Cover, P1,215; Revlon Colorstay Brow Pencil, P575; Ever Bilena Magic Lipstick, P80; Pop Beauty
She's got tons of beauty tips for girls like us!
If you have ever wondered how a Victoria's Secret Angel gets ready in the morning, we've got the deets! Josephine Skriver was generous enough to share her get-gorgeous beauty tricks in her video for Vogue. We did
"This is the most exciting part of the shoot."
Julie Anne San Jose frequently wears heavy makeup every time she performs onstage. To make sure that her skin remains flawless and healthy, she removes every layer of product with a super efficient routine. Watch how she does it below:Produced by:
Eyelash glue as a brow gel? Yup!
As the Creative Director of Sunnies Studios, resident "It" girl Martine Cajucom has mastered the same fun, laid-back, and effortless look as her business. So if you want to emulate the same vibe, read on for her best beauty tips!1.
You don't need to be a princess to look like one!
Apart from her influence on fashion, Princess Diana also made her mark on the beauty industry. From her eyeliner-rimmed eyes to her signature pink lips, the princess definitely knew her way around the makeup department.SKINCAREAccording to her former makeup artist,