Clear acrylic drawers are still the way to go!
With our beauty addiction comes the inevitable problem of finding the best way to store our loot. We asked Pinay beauty blogger Nicole Romero of Beauty & Sparkle to give us tips on how every makeup, skin care, and hair-obsessed girl can
Or makeup for that matter!
If you think that keeping your makeup essentials, particularly your makeup brushes, in the bathroom is convenient, you might want to re-evaluate your whole setup.Dermatologist Dr. Kavita Mariwalla told PopSugar: "When you flush [the toilet], bacteria can get aerosolized." This
Beauty junkies, take note!
If you're a bit of a makeup hoarder, you better be sure you know how to properly store your prized posessions.1. Display the essentials and keep the rest in bins or drawers.Cover your vanity with beautiful fabric and use
Get rid of clutter in an instant with these fab organizers.
We found the best organizers for everything from your brushes to your lippies-all from our current go-to container store, Howards Storage World. Launch our gallery and find out how you can get rid of your kikay clutter, stat!Follow Howards
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