Look fresh and glowing all day!
Makeup and oily skin aren't exactly the best of friends, but when you use the right type of products, you can look fresh and glowing all day. Find out which kikay kit must-haves you should have by watching the
You don't have to worry about it melting off anymore!
One minute it's raining and the next it's like summer all over again. Whatever the weather situation is, when it comes to concealer, the longer you wear it, the more it's prone to fade, crease, and look cakey, especially
She used a total of four lip products on her pout!
During her wedding to Snapchat founder Evan Spiegel, Aussie model Miranda Kerr wore a couture Dior wedding gown-inspired by the iconic Grace Kelly-that looked like it was straight out of a fairytale. So for her makeup look, she opted for
You don't need to be a princess to look like one!
Apart from her influence on fashion, Princess Diana also made her mark on the beauty industry. From her eyeliner-rimmed eyes to her signature pink lips, the princess definitely knew her way around the makeup department.SKINCAREAccording to her former makeup artist,
Melting makeup is a no-no.
There's nothing more romantic than marrying your partner under the warm sun, surrounded by all your loved ones. But you know what isn't romantic? Smearing, smudging, and melting makeup-which is totally possible if you're having
Out with the old (routine)!
During the summer months, you have to switch up your skincare and makeup routine, because what worked for your skin three months ago may not work now. Case in point: That hydrating foundation you've been rocking since the end of
It's all about technique, CGs.
These days, we live in a world where Instagram makeup-an approach to makeup application that can end up appearing fake IRL, but looks flawless in photos-is the norm for most beauty junkies. However, it's time to change things
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