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You don't have to worry about it melting off anymore!
One minute it's raining and the next it's like summer all over again. Whatever the weather situation is, when it comes to concealer, the longer you wear it, the more it's prone to fade, crease, and look cakey, especially
She used a total of four lip products on her pout!
During her wedding to Snapchat founder Evan Spiegel, Aussie model Miranda Kerr wore a couture Dior wedding gown-inspired by the iconic Grace Kelly-that looked like it was straight out of a fairytale. So for her makeup look, she opted for
You don't need to be a princess to look like one!
Apart from her influence on fashion, Princess Diana also made her mark on the beauty industry. From her eyeliner-rimmed eyes to her signature pink lips, the princess definitely knew her way around the makeup department.SKINCAREAccording to her former makeup artist,
Melting makeup is a no-no.
There's nothing more romantic than marrying your partner under the warm sun, surrounded by all your loved ones. But you know what isn't romantic? Smearing, smudging, and melting makeup-which is totally possible if you're having
Out with the old (routine)!
During the summer months, you have to switch up your skincare and makeup routine, because what worked for your skin three months ago may not work now. Case in point: That hydrating foundation you've been rocking since the end of
It's all about technique, CGs.
These days, we live in a world where Instagram makeup-an approach to makeup application that can end up appearing fake IRL, but looks flawless in photos-is the norm for most beauty junkies. However, it's time to change things
You only need two products!
A cat eye or feline flick is universally flattering-but it's also universally hard to draw on the lids. A lot of factors play into creating the perfect wing: how steady your hand, face, and feet are; the formula you're
Just when you thought you've seen all possible forms of makeup tutorials, Anne Rhycie Kate Custodio from Iloilo City takes it to a whole new level-by doing her makeup while riding a tricyle. We're not kidding.From
This is GENIUS.
Achieving the perfect cat-eye is no easy feat-but lucky for makeup aficionados everywhere, Instagram user Makeup By Sugar has figured out a way to make winged liner basically foolproof.In a video posted on her Instagram page last month, the
See for yourself!
You may think your makeup skills are good enough as long as you can draw a decent cat-eye, but behold, this little girl from Australia is about to put your beauty game to shame. At six years old (believe it or
Like waterproof is the only way to go!
Some girls are naturally #blessed with fantastic makeup skills on their own. Here, 15 things they definitely know to be true:1. They always start with the proper skincare routine. Applying a layer of moisturizer and sunscreen before putting on foundation is
Just don't confuse it with the mayo.
Beauty junkies have gone beyond just mastering the shelf life of makeup. Following the old school advice of their moms and lolas, some store their favorite beauty products in the refrigerator. Even makeup guru Michelle Phan refrigerates her essentials.We turned to
Also, really simple and you probably do it already by accident.
When you apply mascara, you probably try not to get it on your skin and just apply it on your lashes only. ​And when you do get mascara on your eyelids or under your eyes, you're quick to remove it, right?
Including a genius eyebrow trick!
Kim Kardashian's favorite makeup artist, Mario Dedivanovic, reveals the most important makeup rules you should know.Face primer and eyeshadow primer are daily essentials for most people, but according to Mario they're both steps you can skip in your routine.
Stress tears at work? Here's how to fix your pretty face after a sob session.
1. "To calm your red, sore eyes, firstly apply cool, iced cotton pads 
or cold eye packs and leave on for five minutes," says expert Emma Hobson, education manager at The International Dermal Institute and Dermalogica. You can also use toilet paper
Never have time to put on makeup because you commute? It's now possible to look your best with this simple tutorial.
Having to commute daily can definitely take a lot of your time and effort. Since you have to allot more time to your commute, it also means that you need to cut your morning routine in half. That usually means you no
So this is how the jaw contouring happens.
We know it's pure promotion, but we're loving the hype being built around the launch of Kim Kardashian's new beauty website because the secrets she's spilling are priceless.The latest is this stunning blue smoky eye look complete
We do not understand anything she is saying, but this girl is SKILLED.
Remember when you were a kid and you used to put on your mom's makeup in front of the mirror, because you felt like you knew your makeup shit really well? Well, this kid totally reminded us of how we were
This is genius!
One of the most annoying things women have to deal with during makeup application is eye shadow fall out. Like, when you're doing a fantastic job blending in your shimmery shadow onto your lids, but specs of powder and glitter keep
Game changer!
One of the biggest beauty mistakes anyone can do is piling on the foundation and ending up looking like an espasol. So in case you've been struggling with this makeup boo-boo, we discovered a quick beauty fix for you!According