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Here's your guide to a Miss U glow-up from the queen herself!
If you've always wanted to learn how to do Catriona Gray's winning ~lewk~ as Miss Universe, she teaches you exactly how to recreate it in a new Vogue video.Catriona starts with micellar water then face oil serum. She prefers
She's a fan of fresh-faced MOTDs!
When it comes to makeup, Yassi Pressman likes to keep it real with fresh-faced looks-rosy cheeks, pink lips, earth-toned eyeshadow. It's no-makeup makeup at its best.But she also knows how to play up her best features,
Make your features pop!
Contouring is about creating strategically placed shadows on the hairline, sides of the nose, and cheeks to create dimension. And because you're faking depth, matte creams or powders that are two shades darker than your skin tone are recommended. Shimmery
Me version 2.0, coming up!
It's time to try ~new~ things in 2018, and we encourage you to upgrade your usual makeup look. Follow these fresh celeb-approved ideas you can easily do by yourself!Follow Ira on Instagram.
It's super easy!
The "drunk blush" makeup look first became popular in Japan, but here in the Philippines, it was Nadine Lustre who made it famous. If you can't picture it in your head, this basically mimics how red your face turns when
Look fresh and glowing all day!
Makeup and oily skin aren't exactly the best of friends, but when you use the right type of products, you can look fresh and glowing all day. Find out which kikay kit must-haves you should have by watching the
It's super easy!
Whatever level of makeup skill you have, it's normal to get a few black clumps and blobs on your lids every time you apply mascara. And if you're worried about erasing your excellently applied eyeshadow or concealer, we teach you ~
Who says you have limited makeup options if you wear specs?
Your glasses are already a bold accessory, so if you find yourself stumped for makeup looks, a fresh and glowing face is the way to go.Pretty bare With a bit of tinted lip balm, powder foundation, brow gel, and mascara you'
Instantly look like you had a good night's sleep.
Regardless of your eye shape, there's a universal and fairly easy eyeshadow technique you can try to make your orbs look larger than life. See how it's done below!HAIR: Toni Santos MAKEUP: Sassa Carlos MODEL: Jeanine Tsoi VIDEO: Jean
Is it better than testicles? Find out!
When this woman used her boyfriend's testicles as an alternative to a makeup sponge, the internet was never the same again. So it should come as no surprise that someone attempted the same thing with a penis! Well, not a
Channel your inner supermodel.
After bagging one of the Top 3 slots in Asia's Next Top Model, Maureen Wroblewitz has everyone talking.Here, we rounded up six fresh makeup looks of the Filipina-German model and decoded each one of them so that we, too,
You shouldn't be afraid to experiment!
There may be times when morenas think they wouldn't be able to pull off certain colors, because these would only suit those with fairer skin tones. Well, Shay Mitchell wants you to think otherwise.The half-Filipina Hollywood actress is #blessed
Avoid being greeted 'Happy Foundation Day.'
We wish we were born with smooth AF skin, but most of us occasionally get a blemish. Some even live with acne on a daily basis. And to fake amazing skin, we pile on lots of foundation and concealer to camouflage every
Her Veronica is on-point.
Are you a Riverdale fan who just can't get enough of Archie and the gang, down to the clothes and makeup they wear? We at the Cosmo headquarters get you, which is why this beauty vlogger immediately caught our attention when
These will suit ALL face shapes!
Despite what the makeup rules say, there is actually more than one blush style. In fact, there are five! No matter what your face shape is-be it round, oval, oblong, heart, square, or diamond-these blush styles will help you switch
Here's how she does her everyday face!
Since she wears layers and layers of makeup on the job, it's no surprise that Encantadia actress Arra San Agustin opts for something light, fresh, and natural for her daily makeup look. To prove that her everyday MOTD is as easy
It's so easy and quick!
At this year's annual Met Gala, guests were invited to dress in avant-garde looks inspired by Rei Kawakubo and Comme des Garcons. Naturally, your favorite celebs applied that dress code to their makeup. While there were a ton of
There's nothing *scarier* than makeup melting and transferring onto clothes.
Admit it: Sometimes, you hate going outside because you think your makeup will instantly melt when it comes into contact with our hot AF weather. But with these tips on how to make sure every bit of your makeup stays put, you&#
Perfect for summer!
Colorful eyeliner and eyeshadow are all the rage this Spring/Summer 2017. As such, take a break from dark, vampy makeup and make it right with brights. Here are three ways to pull the trend off!VIDEO: Trina Elefante, Jean Saturnino. MODEL:
Melting makeup is a no-no.
There's nothing more romantic than marrying your partner under the warm sun, surrounded by all your loved ones. But you know what isn't romantic? Smearing, smudging, and melting makeup-which is totally possible if you're having