We're hoping to look good as Rosé, tbh.
In case you've been living under a rock, BLACKPINK is taking the world by storm with their catchy tunes and amazing dance moves. Not only that, but the BP girls are also famous for their head-turning makeup. Roseanne Park
Check out the pro tips from the stars' go-to makeup artist, Anthea Bueno.
There's always something new to learn about makeup, especially when you get the chance to talk about it with the pros. That's why when Camille Co uploaded an interview with Anthea Bueno on her YouTube channel, we couldn&#
Slick and shiny!
Unless you've been MIA for the past two years, you already know that lip gloss is back from the early 2000s. It became on-trend in 2017 and well, it's here to stay. It's a good
It's a lot easier than you think.
So you wanna wear highlighter! Great! But now you have to ask yourself, "what kind of highlighter look am I in the mood for right now?" Some days you might want more of a my-skin-but-better kind of glow, and
Look cute and have clear vision at the same time!
Here's the sitch: You love makeup and you're all for trying out the most ~extra and elaborate~ eyeshadow lewks! But alas, you wear eyeglasses. What's the point of eye makeup if you wear glasses, right? It&#
Make those zits disappear and let your skin ~*glow*~.
Bad skin days happen. Experiencing skin breakouts is normal, so don't stress out too much when you see a nasty red spot on your face. Also, there are several ways to make pimples go away: An effective skincare regimen, a
Just dab here and there and you’re done!
Brown eyes (the eye color most Pinays have) are often paired with neutral browns, beiges, and bronzes to emphasize them. If you're stuck in a lil' bit of an eye makeup rut, we found the simplest trick to help
Because everyone deserves that K-beauty glow!
There's a misconception that "glass skin" (aka skin so glowy and shiny it looks like glass) can only be achieved if you already have perfect skin. While having zero skin trouble definitely helps amp up the look, it doesn'
'It's okay to do you.'
Yassi Pressman has been in the showbiz industry for a long time. She started modeling and doing commercials when she was a child before pursuing acting. Being exposed to all that glitz and glamour for most of her life, it's
One look, two products!
Here's Jessy Mendiola's latest vlog challenge: do her makeup using just two products! The actress used an eyebrow pencil for her brows, eyes, nose line, and underneath her cheekbones for a bit of contour. Then, she used a lippie to
In an exclusive interview, she shares her skincare and makeup tips.
One look at Gabbi Garcia's Instagram and you'll notice that she looooves the"glass skin" look. Whether she's wearing a full face of makeup or flaunting her bare skin, the girl is obsessed with a dewy,
Keep it fresh until the reception!
Beach and garden weddings are romantic occasions to witness-the only downside is the heat. Unless the outdoor nuptials will be located in cooler places like Baguio or Tagaytay, it's easy for the freshly applied makeup you've worked
The easiest tutorials you'll ever watch.
If you work incredibly well under pressure, you're probably a pro at winged eyeliner, and, hey, I'm happy for you. Really. But if you're like the rest of the world that breaks out in a nervous
Yes, it's actually possible.
Are your eyelashes looking a little sad or stubby? Welcome to the club of, uh, basically everyone. If you've already tried all of the lengthening mascaras, eyelash extensions, and lash lifts, you may be ready to get to the literal
Try this if you'll be wearing foundation for hours.
If you've ever worn foundation from day-to-night, you've probably experienced your base look dry, cracked, and cakey at some point during the day. So what can you do to help make it look freshly-applied? Easy:
If you have uneven eyes, he has the perfect trick for you!
Albert Kurniawan has made a name for himself as one of the top celebrity makeup artists in the Philippines. Some of his star clients are Heart Evangelista, Kim Chiu, and Janella Salvador. He also has his own makeup line, Teviant.Aside from
Taylor Swift, queen of love songs, tea spilling, and drama, just came out of the shadows with a cover interview for Elle, during which she talked about carrying army-grade supplies, being bullied after her Kim Kardashian/Kanye West feud, and most
See our tried-and-tested picks!
Setting sprays are often overlooked because we think it's just an extra step in our routine. But, a few spritzes are necessary to keep our makeup looking fresh and to prevent it from melting off our face. We live in
Here's your guide to a Miss U glow-up from the queen herself!
If you've always wanted to learn how to do Catriona Gray's winning ~lewk~ as Miss Universe, she teaches you exactly how to recreate it in a new Vogue video.Catriona starts with micellar water then face oil serum. She prefers
Read this before you try to apply falsies while pregaming.
When lash extensions and lifts aren't in the budget, your next best option is a set of really good false eyelashes. Because nothing distracts from mediocre makeup (or breakouts, or a bad hair day, or literally anything else) like a
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