Plus, a simple hack to avoid the ~dreaded~ nose pad marks.
A struggle that girls who need eyeglasses know all too well is looking extra cute while wearing makeup. The frames cast shadows on the face and the eye makeup can't be seen very well, so why bother, right? Plus, specs
Tugging on the lids is a huge no-no!
Eyeliner is a wonderful invention-it can give you the illusion of bigger eyes and it makes you look *more* awake. It can, however, be a tricky product to work with. A few misplaced brush strokes and you may end up looking
'I use this kapag kailangan ko lumaban or if I want to feel extra powerful.'
A red lipstick is essential in a kikay kit, whether you're a makeup newbie or a seasoned one. The perfect crimson hue will instantly brighten your complexion, make your teeth look whiter, and give you an instant confidence boost.It
Your choice in mascara brushes might be getting in the way of perfect lashes.
As Asians, most of us are born with stubbornly-straight lashes. This is why we turn to mascaras of all kinds-from lengthening, volumizing, and curling ones. When applied correctly, the right mascara can give us a beautiful fluttery, fanned-out effect.
Instagram brows are so 2015.
Doing your eyebrows is not an easy task-you have to take into account your face shape, natural arch, and the products you'll use. One wrong stroke and you can end up looking like you've drawn them on
Never forget to exfoliate.
Lipstick may seem like one of those products you can just effortlessly swipe on without much thought, but it actually requires some practice (and a few hacks!) to score a flawless pout every time.Below, we listed down the most common lipstick
Shop wisely!
We'll always love lip and cheek tints because they're easy to use and come at affordable price tags. They also last longer than our past relationships, LOL. TBH, we think we can survive a day with just a
Less is more.
If you're reading this, you're probably looking forward to getting your dream job. You've picked out your crispest white blouse + black blazer, printed a few copies of your resumé and portfolio, and practiced all your answers
Plus, how to fix them!
It's been a few years since the glass skin trend dominated our Instagram feeds and since then, we've been trying to recreate the lewk on our faces. If we can't achieve it with an extensive 10-
Meet the unsung hero of your makeup collection.
Concealers are one of those things that often go overlooked because they're not as fun as picking out lipsticks or blushes. This underrated product, however, actually does more than just cover up blemishes and dark circles. Below, we have listed
Makeup newbies, we got you!
It's 2020 and you've finally decided that you'll learn how to put on makeup. You know, just adulting things. The world of makeup can be overwhelming, so we prepared the ultimate guide for newbies like you!
Perfect your complexion.
As we all know, the rest of your MOTD will naturally fall into place if you have a good canvas. The quest for the perfect foundation, however, is hard. There's just so much trial and error involved! Before you find ~
A heavy hand is a huge no-no.
Blush seems like one of those makeup products that's hard to mess up. You just apply it on the apples of your cheeks and you're good to go, right? But it's actually quite tricky-it requires
No to flashback!
It can be intimidating to ~experiment~ with your makeup if you have a dusky complexion. You shy away from flash photography for fear of looking like a ghost, you're afraid of wearing a pink lipstick because you think it looks "
When in doubt, throw it out.
If your skin has been breaking out recently but you can't figure out the culprit behind it, you should probably check your makeup products' expiration dates. Since when has that foundation or blush been sitting at the corner of
It's already 2020, and it's high time that you ditch bad beauty habits you've been practicing all your life. Unlearning these will help you score healthier hair and clearer skin in the future. It may take
Aka your new life handbook.
I think we can all unanimously agree that a glowing complexion is of the utmost priority. From smothering my face with iridescent primers to layering ludicrous amounts of liquid, balm and powder highlighters-so obsessed have we all become with looking glossy,
A fresh face in 10 minutes.
Janella Salvador is not one to shy away from a full glam. A blue smoky eye, a bright red lip, or a Marilyn Monroe-themed look-name it, and she's probably tried it. But on her off-duty days, the
Cake-face no more!
Sometimes, we can get so caught up in mastering an intricate eyeshadow look or sweeping a lot of highlighter. We forget that the most important part of our MOTDs is the ~base~. Below, we have compiled some tips to ensure that you
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