These will help you achieve flawless makeup every time.
If you're looking for a makeup tool that can blend foundation, concealer, contour, blush, and powder, look no further: Try an egg-shaped makeup sponge! The handy, stress ball-looking beauty tool can effortlessly make base products look like they
Make it as good as new!
A makeup sponge is hard to wash because it absorbs cream and liquid products, which leave stains. But thanks to an internet cleaning hack, we can now bring it back to its pristine condition. Watch how it's done below!VIDEO:
Be afraid. Be very afraid.
The thought of having to clean your makeup brushes is off-putting because didn't you just wash them a few days ago? But once you read this woman's story, you'll be motivated to thoroughly cleanse all
These are hella good!
They say your makeup is only as good as your skin. But for us, it's only as good as your skin AND the makeup brushes you use. We know it's hard to find the perfect set because of all the
If a silicone sponge and your fingers had a baby, this is what it would look like.
Many makeup applicators have tried to dethrone the Beautyblender as the queen of applying anything ~flawlessly~. When the SiliSponge came out last year, many thought it would be the end of the famous pink ball's reign-alas, it wasn't; if
Is it better than testicles? Find out!
When this woman used her boyfriend's testicles as an alternative to a makeup sponge, the internet was never the same again. So it should come as no surprise that someone attempted the same thing with a penis! Well, not a real
You kinda want *and* need 'em.
You already know your basic beauty needs. Items like foundation, neutral eyeshadows, mascara, and lip tints are just few of the staples. On the other hand, there are special items you can play with on days when you want to look extra.
Like LED lashes that react to your dance moves.
How far would you go for the perfect lashes? These days, it seems like falsies, an eyelash curler, and heaps of volumizing mascara aren't enough. Beauty junkies are scrambling to find the best makeup tools to attain unique, standout lashes. Here
Why haven't we thought of this before?
It's a universal truth: The leftover makeup on a sponge is damn hard to remove. No amount of baby shampoo or brush cleanser is enough to bring it back to its immaculate state. Thankfully, Twitter user 2CHINZz posted a ~*genius*~
What is this insanity?!
First there were hard-boiled eggs, sponges made out of silicone, socks, testicles, and other household materials to blend makeup. But now, makeup application has reached a new level of *crazy* because people are using their iPhones to mix their makeup on-
Remember that beauty blogger who used her male friend's semen to give herself facials (and swore by the effects)? Well, she's not the only one using bae's, erm, natural resources for her beauty needs.Over the weekend, Johnna Hines,
Headlines, hot news, and conversation starters on April 26, 2017!
1 A few days ago, Andi Eigenmann released a series of emotional tweets expressing her anger over Jake Ejercito filing for joint custody of their 5-year-old daughter, Ellie. And now the actress seems to regret that moment as she deleted
You'll soon be a pro.
Putting on foundation, filling in your kilay, curling your lashes-these makeup steps are pretty easy to do and master. But the same thing can't be said for applying highlighter so the light bounces off in all the right places, or
It's all about technique, CGs.
These days, we live in a world where Instagram makeup-an approach to makeup application that can end up appearing fake IRL, but looks flawless in photos-is the norm for most beauty junkies. However, it's time to change things
Stash them at your desk for easy touch-ups!
In between meetings, presentations, events, and parties, life as a twentysomething can be pretty hectic. Here are ten beauty products to have with you at the office to make sure your hair, skin, and makeup are always on point.1. Dry ShampooHas
Just when you thought you've seen all possible forms of makeup tutorials, Anne Rhycie Kate Custodio from Iloilo City takes it to a whole new level-by doing her makeup while riding a tricyle. We're not kidding.From
'Oiliness is next to joblessness.'
One of our absolute fave guilty pleasures as beauty-obsessed girls is watching "What's In My Makeup Kit"-type videos on YouTube. So when none other than the Queen of All Media Kris Aquino did her own take on it, we
Tried and tested by a Cosmo editor.
Before today, never have I ever thought to reach into my underwear drawer, pull out a silicone boob pad, and use it as a makeup sponge. But while I was searching through the deep, dark depths of the internet recently, I came
You read that right.
Okay, so we just found the the ~*latest*~ in makeup application.YouTube beauty blogger Mayra Isabel revealed her clever discovery: how to ace your makeup base using a very unexpected product-socks. The blogger shared her tutorial on her page, explaining that
Give your brushes a break and follow these pro tips, straight from the spring fashion shows.
1. It's sexy in that NBD way."Using your hands to blend creamy products-cream is the only formula that works sans brush-creates a more natural, sensual look," says Rose-Marie Swift, makeup artist and founder of RMS Beauty, a
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