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Look pretty in 300 seconds or less.
If you've only got five minutes to spare to "put on your face," or you want that IDGAF-but-still-do look, these convenient and easy-to-use products will make you look gorgeous in 300 seconds or less.Brow CrayonThe
You'll soon be a pro.
Putting on foundation, filling in your kilay, curling your lashes-these makeup steps are pretty easy to do and master. But the same thing can't be said for applying highlighter so the light bounces off in all the right places, or
Melting makeup is a no-no.
There's nothing more romantic than marrying your partner under the warm sun, surrounded by all your loved ones. But you know what isn't romantic? Smearing, smudging, and melting makeup-which is totally possible if you're having
You only need two products!
A cat eye or feline flick is universally flattering-but it's also universally hard to draw on the lids. A lot of factors play into creating the perfect wing: how steady your hand, face, and feet are; the formula you're
Just when you thought you've seen all possible forms of makeup tutorials, Anne Rhycie Kate Custodio from Iloilo City takes it to a whole new level-by doing her makeup while riding a tricyle. We're not kidding.From
Including a genius eyebrow trick!
Kim Kardashian's favorite makeup artist, Mario Dedivanovic, reveals the most important makeup rules you should know.Face primer and eyeshadow primer are daily essentials for most people, but according to Mario they're both steps you can skip in your routine.
We love watching challenge videos on YouTube, and one of our favorites is the "Five Minute Makeup Challenge." Like this one:So we, the girls-Jillian, Sandra, Retty, and Steph-tried it out for ourselves. We thought that five minutes
Mixing and matching formulas can help you get your glow on.
You have to mix it up, Cosmo girls-especially when it comes to your blush. Here are a few fresh techniques on how to maximize the different cheek-enhancing formulas in the beauty market, so you can score the perfect flush.Technique
These gorgeous beauty pegs will help you feel like you're the star in your own rom-com.
Want to be the perfect mix of sweet and sexy like Emma Stone in Crazy, Stupid, Love? Try Bea's winning combo of soft pinks and Victoria's Secret waves.If you want to highlight your big, gorgeous eyes like Mila Kunis
Got chubby cheeks? You can still get cheekbones to die for with some contouring magic!
These days, Makeup 101 skills just won't cut it anymore.It's time to step up your primping game by learning how to use strategic shading techniques. Maybelline's chief makeup artist, Archie Tolentino, shows us how you can use contouring
No wonder these online beauty gurus have videos that get millions of views--they're not only gorgeous, they're super smart and practical too!
Because of these Youtube beauty video bloggers, we use business cards as eyeliner stencils, steam as instant nail polish mattifiers, and DVD holders to store makeup palettes.1. Who knew that you don't need lipstick for velvety red lips? Just layer
Here are a few tricks to help keep your makeup in place during the hot summer months.
It's that time of the year again when it's almost impossible to keep makeup on. It's not easy to look fresh 24/7 especially when you're battling the scorching weather. And let's face it: With this heat,
You've cried enough from heartache; now's the time to get over him and get gorgeous instead. Start by stocking up on our post-breakup beauty loot!
Let's face it: breakups are a bitch. Not only do you spend hours--days--curled up in bed crying your eyes out as you beat yourself up over what went wrong, you end up looking like a lifeless mess that no
Your office look should spell "beautiful", not "blah". Follow our simple steps and snag our product picks to help you look pretty, polished, <i>and</i> professional.
Just like whipping up a smart office outfit, coming up with an appropriate makeup look for work when you're pressed for time can be a challenge--but it shouldn't stress you out. We all know busy working gals don't beauty columnist Bianca Valerio offers some tips for salvaging broken makeup and creating DIY lip balm.
Twitter question from @Ayzeerina: "How does one repair broken lipstick?... How do I 'glue' it back?"Great question! It's such a waste to just throw away broken pieces of makeup you can still use. In one episode of F.A.S.
Watch how makeup artist Archie Tolentino created the day-to-night makeup looks you see in the December ish, modeled by one of "Cosmo's 8 Sexiest," Ana Sideco. Grab the mag to see the full feature!
This holiday season, dare to experiment with bold, dark eye makeup! Watch this video for a step-by-step guide to achieving the high-impact looks you saw in the magazine.
If you want to experiment with show-stopping metallic eye makeup, featured in this month's beauty spread, watch this video for a step-by-step guide!
Know (and wear) Lady Gaga's fave lip products, and pick up makeup application tricks and the hottest colors of the season from a celeb makeup artist.
We know you're gaga about Lady Gaga, but as much as we'd love to cop her style, you just have to admit they can be (okay, okay, they are) too outrageous for us. But, while we can't normally pull
Cosmo rummaged through the designer bag of <em>teleserye</em> queen Judy Ann Santos. See what we found inside! waited for young superstar Judy Ann Santos to finish all her press interviews when we came by just to take a peek inside her bag. It was really worth the wait because the Habang May Buhay actress willingly showed us