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Did you know that you can use it for your DIY shimmer mist?
Here at, we're big fans of highlighter. It gives us a fresh, glowing complexion even if we barely had eight hours of sleep last night (*cough* Crash Landing On You *cough*) This superstar makeup product, however, isn'
It's life-changing!
If you're Asian, chances are, you were born with stubborn, stick-straight lashes that can't hold a curl no matter what ~amazing~ mascara you use. They just end up drooping down by midday, and it can be frustrating.
Make the most out of your lippies!
Are you one of those people who can't seem to finish lipsticks no matter how hard you try? It feels like such a waste to throw them away, so they sit on the corner of your vanity table, unused. That
Try this hack the next time you do your makeup.
We'll be the first ones to admit that ever since highlighting became more mainstream, we haven't really skipped doing the step in our daily makeup routines. (Yes, even during days when we're just running errands at the nearby mall,