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Some top-tier makeup recs from today's brightest stars.
It seems like concealer is everyone's favorite base product these days. Running late after an all-nighter? Skip the foundation and swipe on some concealer to hide those dark circles. Messed up your lipstick application? It's nothing a quick dab
The 18-year-old actress joins the brand's list of Gen Z endorsers!
It's official, you guys: Francine Diaz is the *newest* endorser of the Careline! The 18-year-old actress has recently been added to the cosmetic brand's stellar lineup of endorsers, and TBH, we can't think of
Every look she wears is a total serve.
When it comes to youthful LOTDs, you can always count on Cassy Legaspi to go the extra mile. We usually spot her sporting simple eye looks and glossy lips, but honestly, every look she wears is a total serve! Her IG feed
It looks good enough to eat! LOL.
Flavored lip balms aren't anything new-there are several sweet and fruity ones out there, from cherry to chocolate. But just recently, we stumbled upon a lip balm with an ~interesting~ flavor: Meatloaf! Yup, this moisturizing lippie will remind you
They look so good!
If you've always hated your passport photos, don't worry-you're not alone. It's hard to look good in these identification pictures (after all, the DFA counter isn't a photo studio.) But, all
She skipped foundation!
The Philippine passport's 10-year validity means being stuck with the same passport photo for a decade. So if you're getting yours renewed soon, you know you should make that one-minute photo-op count!Luckily, the Department
Apply your blush higher!
Applying blush is so simple: Just smile and sweep it on the apples of your cheeks. Lately, however, TikTok users have been showing the world different ways to apply blushes, and they're worth trying out, especially if you want to
'It's giving Bella Hadid.'
If you're anything like me, when it comes to contouring, you will have a fully fledged two(ish) step routine. First, a cool-toned contour in the hollows of the cheek and then, a warmer bronzer for that sun-kissed
Because we're *really* back to our daily grind.
Welcome to 2022, the time when we can slowly go back to normal and finally return to the office.For those who find that going to their workplace "foreign" and "new," we feel you. We are also slowly trying to get back
He's a huge fan of the queens of K-pop!
It's been six years since we've last seen 2NE1 onstage and their Coachella performance is still surreal! If you're a Blackjack and you grew up listening to these queens who taught us that beauty is being
Ever Bilena is an OG makeup brand that has been well-loved by Pinays-including myself! (Fun fact: The first concealer and cheek tint I ever owned were from Ever Bilena.) There are three reasons why their products have been staples in
Time to add to cart!
Whether you're going on a date with your special someone or your friends, doing your makeup for the occasion is always fun and relaxing at the same time. After all, you get to have some time for yourself. If you&#
Welcome to Year 3 of the Cosmopolitan Philippines Hot List!
Hello there! Summer's just around the corner, and we're pretty sure that like us, you're starting to feel the ~heat~, especially now that we're somehow out and about again.For the third year in a row, we've
Say hello to Kayu Beauty!
Today in beauty news: Pinay TikTok stars Ayn Bernos, Rica Salomon, and Kai Javier-along with their IRL friends, content creator Landamme Vivas and entrepreneur JR Rodriguez-just launched their very own beauty brand called Kayu Beauty! On February 19, they released
She enhances her gorgeous tan with makeup!
When we think of Ayn Bernos, the first word that comes to mind is confidence. This 26-year-old vlogger and beauty queen is passionate about empowering women and raising awareness, as seen on her inclusive clothing brand, self-help podcast, and
She always looks so fresh!
If you need a peg to turn to when creating a fresh makeup look, Elisse Joson is your girl! The 26-year-old actress is a big fan of natural makeup looks. Just scroll through her IG grid, and you'll
At your own pace, ofc!
Before everything else, I'd like to remind you that it's not required to have a glow-up for the New Year. It feels like a tradition that should be followed, but it is really up to you! I
Get ready to screenshot all of them.
Truth time: I love trends. Seriously. I can't get enough. Summer makeup trends? Done 'em all. Winter nail trends? I'm literally wearing red French manicure tips right now. So I'm more than delighted to be coming to you with
According to her MUA, she wanted a K-beauty-inspired look!
ICYMI, Jennylyn Mercado tied the knot with Dennis Trillo on November 15, 2021, and she looked absolutely radiant on her wedding day! Luckily, MUA Anthea Bueno revealed how she has achieved Jennylyn's glowy makeup look in her newest YouTube video.
Say hi to your new bronzer and setting powder, bb.
You might have lost track of all the celeb beauty brands that have launched in the past couple of years, and that's completely understandable because they are literally everywhere (hi, Ariana Grande's R.E.M. Beauty, Tracee Ellis Ross's