I'm listening...
Noah Centineo fans fall into two categories: Those who stan him and Lana Condor, and those who just want to stare lovingly into his eyes/at his adorable chin scar and imagine themselves dating Peter Kavinsky. If you're a member
Headlines, hot news, and conversation starters on June 19, 2018!
This is a new development.
There's a potential new celebrity couple on the scene for you to ship, after fans started speculating about whether Cara Delevinge and Ashley Benson are dating. Is this a thing? This should so be a thing.The model and Pretty
It's getting hot in the desert!
It's day two at Coachella and if it's anything like day one, Selena and The Weeknd are going to have a ~very sensual~ time. The two were spotted canoodling all over the festival-and yes, canoodling is the right word.
Ciao, Bella!
It sure looks like The Weeknd has definitely moved on from his split with Bella Hadid! The Canadian singer-songwriter, who ended his one-year relationship with the supermodel in November, was just spotted oh-so-casually making out with a super-
Spidey and Deadpool sitting on a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G.
If you've always shipped Spiderman and Deadpool (a.k.a. Spideypool), then prepare yourself-because all of your wildest fantasies have officially come true. Paused it to see if that was really @VancityReynolds & Andrew Garfield making out when Ryan Gosling won.
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