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Here are some sneaky ways to bring out his good BF qualities.
1. Need a massage? Tell him you can give a better one than he can. His competitive side will kick in, and you'll score a rubdown.2. To fuse your bond, ask your guy to spot you at the gym, challenge
On his final week as our featured hunk, the <i>moreno</i> hottie lies on his back so you could see his yummy abs in all its toned we decode male body language.
When Cosmo asked what part of his body he is most proud of, Renzie Ongkiko answered, "I worked hard for my abs so I'm proud of it." We were not at all surprised. Just look at these untouched photos of our
What does a guy's favorite sleeping position tell you about him? You'll be surprised. Let our August hunk show you the wonders of (his) body...language.
We promised we would help you decode certain male body language as we tell you all about our August Online Hunk Renzie Ongkiko--and unveil for you his swoon-inducing bod (it's body love this month, after all). Now that you
You think you know men so well? These hunks dish that not everything you think you know about them are true--and that there's more to learn about them.
Women are sometimes guilty of stereotyping men. Some of us believe "all men are heartbreakers," or that "guys who take a long time getting ready and are too vain are probably gay." But if you ask men--straight men in every sense
Cosmo attended the party for FHM's 100 Sexiest Women, who paraded in revealing clothes. Would the cute guys we spotted let their girls be as scantily clad?
There are days when we girls feel like going sexy and wearing outfits that bare more skin. After all, who can blame us when the weather's so warm here, especially with El Nino? And while a lot of guys like ogling
How is our sweet-faced showbiz sweetheart around women? Let him sweep you off your feet this week, with his sexy answers and sizzling shower photos!
You know how it is in the Cosmo Online Hunk section: as the weeks progress, so do the boldness of our Cosmo questions and of the photos of our featured hottie. In the last two weeks, we saw young showbiz cutie Nico
After doing a LIVE chat with Cosmo chicks, the ever-smiling <em>Starstruck</em> alumnus talks to us about what keeps him busy these days and what kind of girl would grab his attention.
Cosmo asked one of the country's former heartthrobs to spill how he knew Juday is the one he'll spend the rest of his life with.
Want to give a sexy and sultry impression on men? Show your skin on the right parts and leave guys fantasizing and wanting more.
We all know men love sexy women--it's just that they define "sexy" in different ways. Aside from the woman's shape and cup size, another thing that would determine sexiness for them is just around which part of
There are certain beauty habits that your man may not like. These real guys dish what they are. Read and learn.<br />