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With summer just around the corner, a real guy tells you to just ditch your body doubts and flaunt your curves!
Admit it, you're guilty of it and we know it. We know that every woman has dreamt about wearing a skimpy bikini on the beach, sunbathing or strutting on the shore, inciting a drool flow from the male species. We know
Enough with the sappy V-Day stuff! Cosmo got real guys to spill their most embarrassing, most mortifying, and most get-me-out-of-here date experiences!
Valentine's Day may have come and gone, but we're still on a romance high! This time though, we're steering clear of the sappy stuff and examining the awkward, the laughable, and the downright nasty of the dating world! In
Whether it's a box of chocolates or a blowout dinner, your man's presents hint at a deeper meaning. Here, Cosmo's handy guide to deciphering common Valentine's presents!
Every present is a statement of how your guy sees you and the relationship, says George Weinberg, PhD, psychotherapist and author of Why Men Won't Commit. Here, Weinberg weighs in on the good, the bad, and the downright uggg-ly. Swanky
Since it's love month, we're letting our mushy sides run wild! Cosmo tells you how a guy goes from just dating you to totally devoted to you...and reveals the telltale signs that give him away.
1. Initial InfatuationHow He'll Act: "He might be self-conscious and stumble over his words, or he'll do the opposite-talk himself up in an attempt to impress you," says Peter Andersen, PhD, author of The Complete Idiot's Guide
When it comes to communication, men and women aren't always on the same page. In fact, they're not even in the same book! Cosmo shares a few facts to help you understand your boy better.
It's no secret that guys and gals have very different ways of communicating. And when it comes to love, if you can't decipher what your partner is really saying, your relationship is headed for a roadblock. So to help, we'
James Yap isn't the only coupled-up dude with a trail of single women pining for him. Find out what it is about unavailable guys that makes girls want them more.
On January 15, news broke out that TV personality Kris Aquino reportedly confronted a woman, rumored to be hubby James Yap's girlfriend, right at her doorstep in Valle Verde, Pasig City. The TV host claims she merely talked politely to the
Guys, it's time to ditch last year's dismal dating habits and start afresh in 2010. Cosmo gives you tips on sweeping a woman off her feet this New Year!
Even if your "anniv" is not for another couple of months or your "monthsary" is three weeks away, it's never too early to put more romance into the relationship. And what better time to boost the romance than at the start
Are you greeting 2010 with a new guy in mind? Make him yours this year by dishing these lines!
If you want that new guy you've been seeing to be yours in 2010--and stay with you for the entire year and longer--here are three lines you should bust out to win him over completely. 1. "That's hilarious!"
Take this season of spending as an opportunity to learn more about him: Find out what his money-handling ways reveal about his personality.
Christmas came and went just like that...just like your 13th month pay and bonus. And with a few more holidays ahead of us this week, the limitless spending continues. Whether you're busy attending or hosting a New Year shindigs or
Going on a holiday vacay? A real guy tells you how to act on your trip so he'll never want to go anywhere without you!
There's no better way to bond with your guy than going on a trip for two. But you should know that while you're both sipping margaritas poolside, he may be sizing up your long-term potential-no pressure or anything.
Do you wonder why men are cheating left and right? Cosmo spills the science behind some baffling male behaviors!
Who would've thought that besides the need for emotional and sexual satisfaction, there are actually valid, scientific reasons behind men's infidelity? Apparently, the fact alone that a guy is athletic (see Manny Pacquiao) already says a lot about his sex
Really want to snag that all-important second date (and go past the crucial third)? This guy reveals first-date deal-makers that men keep an eye out for!
Guys get all James Bond on a first date. Seriously, it's like we're secret agents doing covert operations (don't worry though, it's not in the creepy, sexual voyeur sense). Our mission? To determine whether or not you're
"Would you tell me if your friend was cheating?" is one of those things you shouldn't ask your boyfriend. Here's why.
Guys aren't allergic to responding to questions on topics like our favorite sex position (um, all of them) or how our rock-hard abs got so damn rock hard. But before you channel Boy Abunda and pull out the magic mirror,
Women love to talk, men don't. We both get that. But there are times when you gals overdo it. Hear us out.
Guys get a bad rap for not communicating enough, but in our defense, there are times when it's just not necessary. For instance, women enjoy talking about the moment, when they're in the moment. Stuff like, "I'm so happy
Find out why it's worth it to unleash your inner animal run in the bedroom. Cosmo got these real dudes to convince you.
Most guys assume you just want romantic, sensual lovemaking. But what they're secretly jonesin' for is an occasional wild, animalistic, boot-knocking session. "Men go nuts when you make lots of noise and grab at them like you want to devour
Do you complain too much to your guy? While he'll normally put up with it, maybe you should go easy when it comes to these four little dramas.
There are certain events that create turmoil in a guy's life (think: an episode of erectile dysfunction). But as most men have witnessed, it can take far less to send a girl off the deep end. Now we're not saying
No, they don't mean your birthday suit. From comfy jeans to skimpy bikinis, a real guy dishes the clothes that turn men on.
Contrary to popular belief, guys do notice what girls are wearing, even if we're scientifically known to think of sex every seven seconds. We also daydream about things that we want on you, and no, they're not just crotchless panties.
Women are not the only ones with insecurity issues. Find out what really bothers most beaus, and know how to help him deal.
Most men are often unable to process their insecurity issues. When guys are touchy about something, we slip into silent mode. Clueless about how to express our feelings of inadequacy, we often do the relationship more harm than good. Heed our self-
Find out if the new guy you're dating is a keeper who truly likes you and is not just planning to get in your pants.
He's engaged after sex. The majority of guys are going to be charming before bedding you down, but it's his game-over behavior you want to watch closely. If he's comfortable and warm afterward, you have a stud who
Single men give their coupled up pals a hard time for being "whipped." But the truth is, they secretly want their own honey, too. A real guy spills why.
Despite all the conventional wisdom dictating that guys believe bachelor life to be the best days of their lives, there's something you should know: That's actually crap. We're insanely jealous of our friends who have girlfriends, and it's