Some interesting descriptions in here.
As women, we were nervous enough about our first sexual experiences. The concept of a penis was a pretty daunting one when all was unknown, but guess what? Men were just as nervous to interact with a vagina for the first time.
...and how to deal with it.
Jealousy in a relationship is normal, but when it starts to get out of hand and you're beginning to feel suffocated, it might be time to do something about it. Here are signs your partner is going overboard and how you
Because broken hearts need time to repair.
1. Self-pity and the reminiscing of happy and harsh memories via Taylor Swift songs. "There is a Swiftie song for any type of breakup. I hate men. Ugh."2. Research aka stalking his social media accounts. "Why is he happy? He'
Here are some sneaky ways to bring out his good BF qualities.
1. Need a massage? Tell him you can give a better one than he can. His competitive side will kick in, and you'll score a rubdown.2. To fuse your bond, ask your guy to spot you at the gym, challenge
Here, some fascinating facts about male behavior to help us try to figure men out.
No doubt, your man's "typical guy behavior" (keeping his feelings top-secret, playing b-ball with his dirty socks, calling you "right back" two hours later) has been so exasperating at times that you've wanted to wring his neck. Well,
Ready to take on your next summer fling? Find out if he's a keeper or if he's better ditched before the season ends by paying close attention to his pucker performance.
1. If His Eyes Are Opened Or Closed When your date's eyes are open for the mouth-to-mouth, he's totally in the moment. Unlike women-who often prefer to close their eyes and really feel the connection-men are
With summer just around the corner, a real guy tells you to just ditch your body doubts and flaunt your curves!
Admit it, you're guilty of it and we know it. We know that every woman has dreamt about wearing a skimpy bikini on the beach, sunbathing or strutting on the shore, inciting a drool flow from the male species. We know
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