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You'll never pick a nude again.
Neon is probably the most divisive color family out there, isn't it? But there's no denying that it's a super cool trend-especially for 2021.If you're not feeling bold enough to inject some
I want them all!
I don't know about you, but I'm all too familiar with mani-station stage fright. You know the feeling. That moment of choice-paralysis when your nail technician asks "What are we going for today?" and all you
FYI, these will look good on short nails!
I know the rainy season is here so I wanted to try a ~different~ beauty direction: Why not try floral-themed manicures to brighten a gloomy day.And before you say "I need a nail salon for that," fret not. Flower designs
Get ready to screenshot your faves.
If you find it hard to pick a nail color at the best of times, imagine how you're going to feel on your wedding day. Yeah, bridal nails are a whole different level but don't worry if you&#
Happy nails = just what we all need rn.
One of the most joyful times of the year is just a few months away: Pride. If you haven't already been dreaming up your Pride manicure ideas for June, don't worry, I got you covered. I rounded up the 23
These bbs are summertime approved.
My cold heart can't resist pastel nail polish. Yep, my ice-queen self loves a manicure that's full of soft pink, baby blue, pale yellow, and lavender hues.So now that we're a full week into
We're here for it!
In case you've been living under a rock, Rosé-the main vocalist and lead dancer of BLACKPINK-recently made her solo debut and released her single album R this March 2021. Because of that, we've been treated to
You're going to be obsessed.
You know one of the things that I love most about summer? The fact that people can actually SEE my manicure for once. So you better believe that when March 1st hit, I was ready to flaunt my manicured nails like it&#
Just stick 'em and go!
On days when you feel meh but you don't want to put on makeup or fix up your hair, we highly recommend painting your nails a bright and fun color. There's just something about having an #aesthetic mani
Taurus szn is coming.
It's *almost* that time of year again. Nope, I'm not talking about the start of summer-I'm talking about the start of Taurus season (I follow the calendar year exclusively by astro signs, TYVM). And as a manicure-
Get ready to see these looks all over your IG feed.
Here's the thing: Even though I have about eight million nail polish bottles in my collection, I still have a hard time veering away from my regular shades. But after noticing a shit ton of mauve nail ideas on my
Prepare to screenshot all of these ideas.
Black and white is probably the only color combo that's as modern as it is retro. Because of that, black-and-white nails are one of those looks you're going to want to come back to over and
We want to try everything on this list!
We're officially in 2021 (BYE, 2020-WILL NOT MISS YOU), which means it's time to 1) switch out your desk calendar, and 2) retire all the old nail art looks you wore on repeat last year to try
Be prepared to screenshot all of these.
Hot take: Round, short nails are the best nail shape of them all. Yep, I said it! Come for me! I don't care! As cool as longer, pointier nails look, they're naturally going to be a bit more
These ideas are simple but sweet!
One of the things we miss the most about our pre-pandemic life is getting manicures-we think it's the perfect way to relax after a tiring work week. While we don't recommend heading over to your go-
They’re as bright and shiny as 2021 is about to be. *crosses fingers*
At this point in the year, I'd normally be asking myself "Can you believe we only have like one more month left of 2020!?" But in These Times, the question I'm asking myself is definitely more along the
Bring the nail salon into your home.
Although I've always considered manis and pedis as luxuries, I acknowledge the fact that a good coat of polish can help me look put-together. I book an appointment on special occasions or on days when I feel like I
Low-key but cute!
We kinda forgot about manicures for the rest of 2020, and we're here to remind you that the remaining six (!!!) weeks are just enough time to catch up! It's totally fine to paint our digits in pretty hues
No joke, these looks are about to be EVERYWHERE.
IDK about you, but one of my favorite things about the changing seasons is that it gives me a chance to switch up my nail look. Like, matching my manicure to my favorite fuzzy sweater? Um, yes pls. So to get y&#
For your next DIY mani sesh.
If you miss having picture-perfect nails, we feel you. Having your nails done by a pro requires having to go out or having to let someone into your home just to get a pretty mani-and we don't know