The last thing you want is to come across as bastos, right?
1. Don't forget to follow the proper chopstick etiquette. Have you ever wondered why restaurants come with chopstick holders? It's because sticking your chopsticks in your bowl of rice and leaving them standing up is a huge no-no. The
Attending a fancy dinner party soon?
Growing up, you probably learned basic table manners like chewing quietly with your mouth closed-although some cultures favor the opposite-or never placing your elbows on the table. But how much do you really know about proper dining etiquette? Even if
Manners matter. Important firsts in our life--first date, first-time sex, even breakup--require proper decorum, too.
YOU'RE ABOUT TO HAVE YOUR FIRST DATE WITH YOUR OFFICE CRUSHObserving good manners doesn't only impress your date, it also shows how much you respect him. "In the process of striving for balance in their relationships, many single people are
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