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They've released two songs together, 'Abot Langit' and 'Not For Me.'
After months of speculation, Maris Racal confirmed in May that she and OPM superstar Rico Blanco were indeed in a relationship. "Kami po ni Rico. I think basing sa post na ginawa ko, I think it's very obvious," she said
It all started with a tweet in 2017.
Rising actress-musician Maris Racal, 23, and OPM superstar Rico Blanco, 48, are confirmed to be in a relationship! If you're surprised by their unique pairing, you need to know that they've had a ~connection~ going back to
She posted it after confirming that they're dating.
Was Maris Racal addressing bashers of her relationship with Rico Blanco in her recent Instagram Story?On Monday, May 31, the actress posted a photo of a cake with the message, "Age is just a number." On the same day, news reports
There's more than just sweet music between the two!
Maris Racal just revealed the real score between her and Rivermaya founding member Rico Blanco. In a virtual press conference for her upcoming Maalaala Mo Kaya stint, the actress-singer said her relationship with the 48-year-old musician is "very obvious.""
They're pretty easy to DIY, too!
You're cute, and you've got the poses to help you ace that selfie. The element you may be missing? The perfect hairstyle! Your hair is everything as it completes your look. You'll become more photogenic when
We kiiinda wanna get a haircut now, too.
It's been a while since Maris Racal's last drastic hair makeover-remember when she cut her own micro bangs at the start of the quarantine last year? Since then, she has mostly stuck with her long hair, occasionally
She's winning the Internet!
So we've already pretty much established that Maris Racal is the queen of naming her house plants and of quality meme-able content online, but it looks like she's in the running for another Internet throne. The 23-
She only has good things to say about the Rivermaya co-founder.
Maris Racal and Rico Blanco's relationship status may still remain a mystery, but one thing's for sure-the musician and actress only has good things to say about the Rivermaya co-founder.In an interview with RX 93.
'We should all just be happy for them.'
Iñigo Pascual made it clear that he fully supports the rumored relationship between former love team Maris Racal and Rico Blanco. In an episode of PopCinema, the actor and singer said that he is happy for the two since he knows
Buuuut it's still better we wait for the parties involved to announce it to the world.
Maris Racal's Instagram post on March 17, 2021, sparked rumors that she's dating musician Rico Blanco. On that day, Rico celebrated his 48th birthday, and Maris shared a video of them on IG performing their cover of Aqualung&#
The two artists have collaborated several times over the years!
Yesterday, March 17, 2021, famed musician Rico Blanco celebrated his 48th birthday, and one of the celebs who greeted him was ABS-CBN actress-singer Maris Racal. On Instagram, the 23-year-old star posted a black-and-white photo of Rico
She created *three* looks!
We've always pegged Maris Racal as a "fresh lang" kind of girl, which is why we were so surprised when she uploaded a video of her doing an Asian Baby Girl (ABG) transformation! ICYDK, it's a popular trend
Complete with heart-shaped balloons, too!
Valentine's Day is universally known as an occasion dedicated to your S.O. or partner-you take them out to a romantic dinner or shower them with chocolates and flowers to show your ~appreciation~ for them. But, it can also
Just a week after actresses Maris Racal and Sue Ramirez became the victim of fake nude photos, 22-year-old Barbie Imperial took to Instagram to call out whoever edited her photo. She shared the original swimsuit photo of her at the
The fringe was *in* this year, people.
Make no mistake: 2020 was the year of bangs. It seemed like everyone was getting a fringe-whether it be a curtain, wispy, or full. We can see why it became popular, though. It was a great way to change up your
Life has a way of taking us through some detours.
Sometimes, we have our own career paths in mind, but life has a way of taking us through some detours. The courses we decide to take in college don't always mean it's the field we're pursuing
Guess who has a seven-ton rock in their house!
Admit it: You have been binge-watching all the celebrity house tours dropping on YouTube recently-no judgment here! The rare peek into their houses has revealed a lot of cool little details about popular local stars-some a little more unexpected
It's called 'Not For Me.'
On September 21, Maris Racal announced that she'll be releasing a new song, a gift for her fans, called "Not For Me." Describing it as a song she "worked so hard on," it was released at midnight (September 22)-just
Totally friendship goals!
The showbiz industry may seem pretty cutthroat and competitive, but it's not impossible to forge genuine bonds with fellow artistas, especially because they're the ones who can understand each other's struggles the most. Below, we list