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And yes, there was a mini 'Twilight' reunion.
The Twilight wedding of your Twihard dreams just went down in sunny California, a place that would surely cause Edward Cullen to erupt into sparkles and glitter!Ashley Greene-who played Alice Cullen-tied the knot with Australian TV star Paul Khoury
Damn. Congrats!
Emily Ratajkowski announced she got married on Friday in a series of Insta stories. According to TMZ, her new husband is Sebastian Bear-McClard, who she's reportedly been seeing for just a few weeks. The pair never confirmed their relationship,
Change can be a good thing.
You made this pact to stay together (hopefully) forever. You're going to be having a lot of sex with each other over the course of this marriage. Thankfully, the pressure to impress isn't as great as when you
'We learned to be there for each other when all you have is almost nothing.'
When it comes to getting married young, two schools of thought emerge: It's unwise to get married before you've had time to date a lot and mature, or it's something that happens to very lucky people
'I am keeping it because it is the most natural thing for me to do.'
We hope you're sitting down for this, because here's something that may be groundbreaking news to you: Once married, you can actually-gasp!-keep using your maiden name.Article 370 of the Civil Code of the Philippines states:A married
Work out your kinks right away.
Just because you and your significant other dated for years before you got married doesn't mean you've worked out all your relationship kinks. People who've been together for decades know that there's always something new to learn about