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If you're attending any of today's protests, come prepared.
Part of participating in a democracy is exercising your right to protest. Attending rallies always comes with a certain degree of risk, but that shouldn't scare us away from standing up for our convictions or holding the government to account. We
Alden took on the role of renowned screenwriter, Boni Ilagan.
On Sunday September 17, in commemoration of the 45th year since the declaration of Martial Law, social media raved about Alden Richards' extraordinary portrayal of activist and screenwriter, Bonifacio Ilagan in Alaala, a GMA Network special documentary featuring the plight of young
We know you have questions, Cosmo Girls.
On Tuesday, May 23, at around 10PM, President Rodrigo Duterte declared Martial Law over Mindanao for 60 days after a militant group attacked and attempted to take control of Marawi City, Lanao del Sur. CNN Philippines put together a video of the
They're also known as Daulah Islamiyah or Islamic State of Lanao.
The members of the terrorist organization called the Maute Group are identified as the main culprits of the Marawi City siege. Who are the Maute Group's members and why are they involved in this conflict? Marawi City crisisIt all started at
You have to watch this video.
Facebook/CARMMAThe country's martial rule years under the late president Ferdinand Marcos have always been a subject of opposing views. Those who have experienced it attest to its horrors, while some of today's youth see it as the golden age