Stop teasing us, Mom and Dad.
Yesterday, October 23, Angelica Panganiban posted a snapshot of a Polaroid photo (very meta) of her and love team partner Carlo Aquino on Instagram. Her caption reads, "Hindi na matatapos. Lahat ng kaligayahan ngayon, para sa'yo. Mahal kita."It got
The only constant thing in show business is change.
When celebrities want a career change, they tend to switch networks.Some of these network transfers were fast and quiet, while others became controversial and shocked fans.Even though their transfers made headlines, these celebrities did not burn bridges with their former
Remember ugly-crying when they broke up? We do.
Claudine Barretto & Rico YanRaise your hand if you remember how kilig you were when you watched Dahil Mahal Na Mahal Kita and Got 2 Believe! You see, these two were THE love team of the '90s. She had the girl-next-door
From ice cream to bridal gowns, these A-listers sure know how to invest!
We rounded up the artistas with a serious knack for business-because being famous just isn't enough.
A fish vendor, a janitor, and a human resource assistant. Can you guess which star did what?
Shocker, but not everyone started showbiz in diapers and training bras. Here, a list of stars who slugged it out in the real world from 8-5 (or for some, 5-8) before they got paid for making sweet, sweet lurv to
No budget for a trip abroad? You and your man can just satisfy your craving for global cuisine in this mall!
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