Thinking about getting your first toyfriend?
With more time in our hands (and quite frankly, the need to release some stress), people are becoming more open about figuring out what they like in bed-even when they're just flying solo. In fact, there was a noticeable
Vibrator masturbation is awesome, but don’t underestimate the greatness of DIY.
You may be finding yourself right now with no partner and copious amounts of free time. Now what? Instead of making sourdough bread or whatever, try the almost Lost Ancient Art of Masturbation Without a Vibrator. Now, not gonna lie, vibrators are
Make time for self-pleasure.
Today, we're here to talk about masturbation (because let's face it, we missed out on learning about it growing up and had to ~study~ on our own). And even if you know it in theory or have had some experience
Sorry, I’m not spending my time baking my own bread.
Hello, people hangin' at home indefinitely. Welcome to the club of: "What the f*ck do I do with my time today?" Here, we pretend we enjoy YouTube tutorials for at-home workouts and count how many times our fur babies stretch
Yeah, they really went there, and we love it.
The sequel to TATBILB, To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You is FINALLY HERE. And while you might have been very preoccupied while watching and waiting to find out whether Peter and Lara Jean last through the turmoil of
Go ahead, make your own day.
Self-love with your own hand, something from your toy stash or a particularly fetching household object is all kinds of good. It's healthy, teaches you what kind of touch does it for you, and it's sex that&#
They can do so much more than you think they can.
Masturbation sleeves-aka strokers or masturbator-fit around the penis and are often used for self-service, but they do uh-mazing things for hand jobs and blow jobs, too. Not only can they feel more new and different to the recipient,
Because aren’t we all just a teeny bit curious?
I don't know about you, but I personally think parties for one are the best. Not only can you order pineapple on your pizza without worrying about your "friends" side-eyeing you, but you also have access to your personal restroom
Four days off to masturbate!
Masturbation is often thought of as one of those things that everybody does but nobody talks about. However, in recent years, the conversation around self-love has been opening up more and more-and that's only a good thing.Whether
Don't underestimate the greatness of DIYing it.
When there are so many vibrators to choose from, it makes sense to ask, "Why would I ever want to masturbate without one ever again???" But maybe you've been relying on your Rabbit so much that you want a little
Masturbation is a healthy, confidence-affirming practice!
Masturbation might have been a word banned from the schoolroom, but grown-up women need to know: it is completely natural and normal. In fact, it's encouraged; solo sex offers women more than pleasure. It allows you to get to know
'It's like having my personal porn.'
The idea of masturbating in front of someone else can, understandably, be a little bit daunting. It can make you feel vulnerable, and maybe even a little bit silly or shameful. But, there's nothing to be ashamed of-and it
Orgasm for one, please.
Although you probably already have a pretty good idea of how to get down with yourself (Malcolm Gladwell says it takes 10,000 hours of practice to become an expert at something), it's a good idea to mix it up
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