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'Once a day, usually, if I'm single. Actually, even when I’m not single.'
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From the hilarious to the straight-up concerning.
Unfortunately, not all masturbation sessions are created equally. Sometimes you fall asleep with your hands in your pants before anything happens (just me?) and sometimes your orgasm comes out of nowhere and hits you like a shot to the heart. And other
Because it isn't as scary as it sounds.
Not gonna lie, "orgasm denial" sound like two pretty scary words. But really, it's just a fancy and roundabout way of saying "intense, built-up orgasms that feel incredible." Also known by some people as "edging," it is, essentially, being
Because, honestly, it's just better that way.
Straight up P-in-V sex is all kinds of amazing, but for most women it's not gonna do the trick in the orgasm-having department. What does this mean? All the better to have positions at the ready to
Stronger, more intense orgasms that last longer? Where do I sign up?
If you're up for making your orgasms longer, more intense and just generally, better, then "edging" may be right up your street. Edging is the term used for a very specific type of solo sex. It requires you to bring
It ain't always (ever) as pretty as they make out.
Ever watched a woman on film dim the lights, slip off her clothes to reveal some very expensive underwear and sensually masturbate the night away all while looking absolutely perfect? This was a stupid question because of course you have-it is