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Let's challenge the 'missionary is boring' narrative right now.
For some (annoying) reason, the missionary position is often disregarded as the easiest and therefore, the most boring sex position of them all. First off, it's as boring as you make it. And second, it's a classic for
Get your body and mind on the same page, stat.
Every so often, it's normal to feel like something sucked the energy out of your sex life. But it doesn't mean you're stuck in a permanent state of blah. If you need some inspiration to invigorate
It's so much more than an old, dusty book.
We've all heard of Kama Sutra and know it's a really old (and very sex-heavy) book, but that's about as far as our knowledge goes, right? Lovepleasure sex expert Louise is here to answer all
Have next-level sex when you've only got secs.
Quickies can be so much fun, so why not make them sublime without dragging on time, and have next-level sex when you've only got secs? Planning to fuck in a dash? Wear a maxi dress (without underwear, if you want
'How long has that water stain been on the ceiling?'
Like, right up in there. He knows if you need a tissue. But considering what else is going on, it's not exactly his main focus.You know, the one where Xenia crushes that dude's ribcage with her thighs.
Ready for a challenge?
Hey you, little thrill-seeker. You need these now.Follow Jill on Twitter.*** This article originally appeared on Minor edits have been made by the editors.
Because you don't have to put anything in to get it on.
Say the word "sex" to a lot of people and they'll automatically imagine penetration: Putting a peen into a vageen, or a butthole. But penises aren't moles that have to permanently live in holes. Vaginas aren't
There's a lot on his mind.
1. "Well THIS certainly isn't a vagina." Anal and vaginal sex have a different feel to them, certainly. Unless you're an alien doing preliminary research on humans, you don't need to be told that anuses and vaginas are different.
Don't underestimate the missionary.
What could be better than a really, super easy sex position that also feels amazing? The sex position experts at Love Pleasure share their top four underrated sex positions.Let's get this one over and done with first-ironically, probably your
'Don't have sex, because you will get pregnant. And die.'
While sex is one of the most talked about human interactions ever, it's not always the sexy, slow-mo montage of limbs you see in the movies. Here, the most relatable quotes about sex guaranteed to make anyone laugh.Cameron
When did anal become the new first base?
Anal is nothing new, it's been around forevs, and tons of women are into it. Back in the dark ages, cavemen were probably still pressuring their cavegirlfriends for it and promising to go "really slow, trust me" or whatever. Nowadays, it'
It takes time...right, CGs?
Unfortunately, most men are still unaware of the fact that getting a woman to orgasm takes a lot of effort. First and foremost, she has to be emotionally in the mood. Plus, there's a lot of foreplay involved. And after all
You're both horny, but still super full. What now?!
Any strenuous physical activity is a sure no-no on a full stomach. But if you must have sex because you and your date are oh so horny, wait it out a bit-the usual two to three hours-before getting frisky.
Plus other reasons he can't get off.
1. He's super drunk. Whiskey dick is real. On the one hand, you're pretty much guaranteed that he's going to last long enough. But, on the other hand, he's going to last forever. If he's so drunk,
You should go and ~love~ yourself.
ICYDK, May is International Masturbation Month! And yes, there is such a thing!How did such a revolutionary celebration come about, you ask? It all started in the US when then-president Bill Clinton fired then-surgeon general Jocelyn Elders in December
Comedian Liz Miele invents hilarious sex positions for empowered women.
When comedian Liz Miele overheard her younger brother chuckling over a gross, sexist sex position joke (she calls it The Poltergeist, but describes what I've heard of as The Ghost, for the record), she decided to come up with some less
We pretty much don't notice anything except the fact that we're having sex.
1. How cottage-cheesey your butt and thighs look. The only thing we're thinking is, Awesome! A lady's butt! Most of us aren't even 100 percent sure what cellulite is.2. How prickly your legs are. Most guys would
Maybe we shouldn't give in to these urges because my parents are 20 feet away?
1. We should have sex. We're both still awake. We're in this little guest room with nothing but an old 13" TV with a built-in VHS player. We know...2. Please, can't we just do, like,
Are you faking your orgasm?
1. "Does she notice my body hair?" There are patches of hair where there shouldn't be and smooth, hairless areas where you'd expect it, like some kind of body hair patchwork quilt. Or there's a disturbingly long, single hair