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I loved it so much, I just had to have more—I found my new favorite sweet chili sauce in the process, too!
ICYDK, the BTS Meal is here only for a limited time. Millions have enjoyed it in the Philippines (and around the globe). We don't know until when we can enjoy the hyped sauces and the merch-worthy purple packaging. But we
Can you guess who?
It's evident how BTS has taken the world by storm over the years: From their chart-topping songs, millions of YouTube views, sold-out concerts, and many more. We even learned that an ARMY would spend an average of P68,
'We really painted the town purple.'
Fact: There's no stopping BTS and the boys' brand power. Proof: McDonald's Philippines has sold almost 3.5 million chicken nuggets on the launch day alone of The BTS Meal!Last April 19, ARMY was ~high like
The most important thing you need is creativity.
It's a well-known fact that Pinoys are creative. And merch-loving Pinoy BTS fans (ARMY) who lined up for the BTS Meal? Plus the same fans who wish there are official photocards that come with the meal? Their creativity can
Take our money!
ARMY, set your alarms! At exactly 7 a.m. on May 27, 2021, the full line of McDonald's x BTS merch will be available via the WeVerse App!It was earlier revealed the K-pop superstars are collaborating with McDonald&#
'Feel free to come thru & I’ll serve you xx'
There's no denying how the pandemic has dramatically changed the way we live on the daily. For singer Ylona Garcia, it meant her flying back home to Australia to be with her family. The 18-year-old chronicled her mandatory quarantine
Congrats to the newlyweds!
Newlyweds Manuel and Gale Luna have always had a special relationship. They began dating in college, and after separating, reunited as a couple five years later. Manuel proposed to Gale at a Moira Dela Torre concert-however the singer actually thought Manuel
They have a cousin named Shakey!
Twins Jollibee and McDonald Pangindian (yes, you read that right) recently went viral on social media after netizens noticed their unconventional names. Family friend Mark Lester Andrei Cruzet shared a Facebook post congratulating them on graduating high school. Jollibee and McDonald are
It's legit.
The coronavirus outbreak and subsequent quarantine have turned non-cooks into overnight cooks. And we have easy recipes to thank such as the Dalgona coffee trend and even Shakey's official mojos recipe.Now, you can add another recipe to your
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After all these years, the ~*magic*~ between Sharon Cuneta and Gabby Concepcion is STILL real. In time for its Valentine's Day campaign, fast food giant McDonald's just dropped a major kilig commercial featuring the classic '80s love
Here's the sequel of her 2016 breakout commercial!
In June 2016, we cried along with Elisse Joson as she was unceremoniously dumped inside a McDonald's-for a commercial, that is. Now, almost a year after, the fast food giant tells the story of what happened next to Elisse and
Who wouldn't want a Double Bulgogi Burger?
When you're in a foreign country, especially for the first time, you usually go for all the local eats. But it could actually be kind of fun to try something familiar, like McDonald's, to see how it compares to the
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1 Gab Valenciano reveals his divorce from Tricia Centenera is already underway. "The separation and legalities are already in process," he said during an interview with and other members of the press during the launch of a new reality show
The more you know.
You've probably always assumed that the McDonald's logo-those famous golden arches -is an M for McDonald's. While that is true, there's actually some subliminal sexual stuff happening in the design: Boobs.In the 1960s, McDonald's hired
And they have actual names.
If you didn't already know, McDonald's (in)famous chicken nuggets only come in four different shapes-and no one really knows why.Until now, that is, after the McDonald's Canada website answered a question sent in about why the
The interiors are Instagram-worthy!
We're dying to visit McDonald's new branch in Tagaytay-trust us, it's all sorts of pretty! Located on Calamba Road, the store officially opened its doors a week ago.It was inspired by Tagaytay's laid-back vibe and
Try to remain calm.
We're not gonna lie, we are definitely more than partial to McDonald's. This is a safe place, there's no judgement here. You crack on with your Shake Shake fries and Chicken McDo, you've had a hard week, you
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1 OMG! Bella Hadid took a pretty bad tumble while walking the runway for Michael Kors' Spring/Summer 2017 show at New York Fashion Week. The model was giving her best steely gaze and really working that beaded black dress, as seen
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1 To celebrate "the happiest month" of her life, actress Cai Cortez shares more good news-she's about to be a mom! The Ang Taba Ko Kasi star announced her pregnancy on Instagram, thanking those who helped arrange her wedding, but