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Or if you have no idea how to handle a stove.
Stuck alone during the quarantine with no idea how to cook or use a stove? Frequent deliveries can be hard on the wallet and canned goods can get old-not to mention unhealthy-real quick. Fortunately, your microwave serves purposes other than
These easy recipes don't need much to make it delicious.
If you've got the recipe ingredient basics in your kitchen (oil, salt, ground pepper, sugar, water, and some aromatics like ginger, garlic, and onions), you can make almost anything tasty. With these ingredients, even the most simple of ingredients can
Like most diets, it was hard at first.
Like you, I, too, have been super curious about the ~*keto*~ craze. Celebrities have been crediting the trendy diet for their dramatic weight loss. My first impression of the diet was, "Oh, it sounds exactly like the South Beach diet" because it
All about that Tupperware life.
If you follow a fair few fitness bloggers on Instagram, you'll probably have seen the #MealPrep hashtag wheeled out every Sunday or Monday night. Y'know, those posts of perfectly aligned tupperware, packed with food for the week ahead?Meal preppers
Bringing lunch to the office can do wonders for your savings. Here are some ideas to get you started!
After the first few months on the job, you start to realize something extremely scary. Not only are you gaining a few pounds, but you're also as broke as when you were unemployed. Don't fret, there's a solution: Bring
As you head back to campus this June, we share with you tummy-filling treats that won't burn a hole in your pocket!
Heavy homework and terror teachers aside, there are lots of things that get students excited about going back to school, from discovering your calling in the hallowed halls of the academe to discovering the hottest heartthrobs your campus has to offer. Here'
Nab's sister site's new book that provides vital info on good local culinary spots that couples <i>and</i> single girls can enjoy!
Valentine's Day is less than two weeks away--where do you plan to celebrate? The popular restaurants in town will most likely be packed on the day itself with couples, barkadas, and mingling singles, so it's best to make dinner
This affordable Korean-inspired restaurant has been garnering a cult following for its one-of-a-kind chicken, but now there are more dishes to hook you!
You've probably been hearing a lot about this Korean-inspired fast food that serves what was voted America's favorite chicken by the New York Times, GQ, and Esquire Magazine, and for good reason: you've never tasted chicken like this