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Get in, loser. We're going to the movies.
Mean Girls is coming back to our screens-and not in sequel form! In a more unique circumstance, the movie-turned-musical is being turned back into a movie again.Tina Fey's script was a massive cult hit the first
There was a Pete Davidson dick joke that really needs your attention.
Ariana Grande finally blessed the world with her "thank u, next" video, and it's loaded with super important and hilarious details you probably missed. Here's an exhaustive list of them.This was the original "army pants and flip
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We've got exciting news for YA and rom-com fans! After the smashing success of Netflix's To All The Boys I've Loved Before this year, The Hollywood Reporter claims that Netflix and Paramount have inked a
SO amped for this.
If, like me, you are ready to declare the release date of Ariana Grande's new "Thank U, Next" music video a national holiday because you are THAT amped to see it, well, I have some news that will only make
It's gonna be *ICONIC*.
In case you hadn't noticed, Ariana Grande's been filming the music video for "thank u, next" and it's basically the greatest thing that's ever happened. And like, it's not even out yet.
This is actually so fetch.
What Ariana Grande now lacks in ponytail height, she more than makes up for in HUGE projects that are shrouded in mystery-take, for instance, the social media hints she's been dropping lately featuring all your favorite romantic comedies.ICYMI,
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'Pak! Ganda ng pulseras!'
If you've been online this past week (but really, who hasn't been?), chances are you've come across these viral Mean Girls videos making the rounds on Facebook. What makes these videos special and suuuper hilarious is
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1 When 20-year-old Maymay Entrata walked down the red carpet at the Star Magic Ball in a Mark Bumgarner crystal ball gown, she looked like a modern princess. It's no surprise then that when fans tweeted supermodel Tyra Banks
'On Wednesdays, we wear 'Mean Girls' makeup.'
Fetch is finally happening! Last October, Storybook Cosmetics posted on Instagram that we should be expecting a Mean Girls eyeshadow palette, but this post has since been deleted. Just hours ago, however, they've officially announced that the Mean Girls Burn Book
RG is fetch in fairness.
We've all seen Mean Girls at least a million times, right? So we all know how perfectly put together it is.But imagine a world where the movie was turned on its head. Imagine if Regina George was played by someone
The novel tells Cady's story from several different characters' POV.
This is not a drill. The literal best movie of the 2000s, Mean Girls, has been adapted for the page by Micol Ostow, and judging from the first excerpts it'll be a pretty faithful version of Tina Fey's original script-
And we can't wait to see them!
It's common for Hollywood to adapt musicals into movie versions (Les Miserables, Sweeney Todd, and Hairspray) or, as we've seen trending lately, produce original movie musicals (La La Land, Pitch Perfect, and Sing). It's rare to go the opposite
So fetch.
If Mean Girls is one of your top five favorite movies (if it isn't, who even are you?!), you are going to lose it over this latest beauty rumor.Storybook Cosmetics, a new cosmetic company that burst onto the beauty scene
‘Ex-boyfriends are just off-limits to friends. I mean, that's just, like, the rules of feminism!’
Giphy.comMean Girls will always be one of those chick flicks we wouldn't mind watching over and over because, not only is Cady Heron's initiation into the Plastics world of Regina George, Gretchen Wieners, and Karen Smith a hilarious ride,
We'd be lying if we said that we never tried to dance the "Jingle Bell Rock" routine from our favorite movie of all time, Mean Girls. Like honestly:Anyway, we found this super useful instructional dance video of that famous dance
Happy National 'Mean Girls' Day, bitches!
Daniel Franzese, aka Damien of Mean Girls, took to Instagram to commemorate National Mean Girls Day on October 3! The actor, being the social butterfly that he is, posted several throwback pics of his castmates. We can't believe it's been
To you, with love.
It's been seven years since senior year of high school and it feels like it all happened yesterday. So why am I writing this? I think it's because I never said my piece. Or more importantly, all of you never
She made a Burn Book, you guys.
Kendall Jenner has a message to her haters. And what better way to get her point across than to go full-on Mean Girls mode, complete with a Burn Book. Kendall tells Dazed magazine: "Nobody knows what goes on behind the scenes.
Back to school and stressed already? Get some inspiration from these fierce schoolgirl characters from your fave movies and TV shows.
Set your alarm clocks, kolehiyalas! June has rolled around again and that means one thing: you're going back to school. If you're feeling bummed that summer's over and stressed about your new subjects and teachers, find