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Ellen took some time away from everything to meditate.
Ellen Adarna reveals how she got through a dark time in her life through a meditative gymnastic program in Bali, Indonesia. "To everyone asking, I did mental training [because] I was stuck in this black hole for almost three years. My anti-
Finally, yoga for people who hate yoga.
If you think you're the last person on earth who would even remotely enjoy yoga, read on. There's a studio in town that made yoga so likable and mainstream, you'd actually be looking forward to class #
In just seven days, I’ve become kinder to myself.
I've always been an anxious person. The smallest things can set me off and make me feel praning-honestly, it has made everyday life so much harder for me. This ka-praningan, coupled with life's everyday stressors, have led me
You're sitting still, and in silence. Now what?
With anxiety and stress affecting more and more of us, it's no wonder the practice of meditation has also become more common. The idea is to calm your mind, and in doing so, your body. Which sounds pretty simple when
I went to a 'Cleanse Your Life' healing class...but what exactly does that mean?
I'm not the kind of person who declutters before the new year. I'm a packrat. My house is so full of old books and keepsakes that I can't bear to look at my mess without the feeling of overwhelming
Are you experiencing insomnia? Here's what you can do.
If you're struggling to sleep, the advice you'll see crop up time and time again is to establish a sense of calm to help you drop off. Ditching your phone, reading, or meditating are all commonly recommended methods
Can't get on board the OM-train? Here's how to blag your way through mindfulness.
You've probably heard of mindfulness-it's one of those terms healthy types throw around willy-nilly, whether they're talking about eating or exercising more mindfully. But we definitely don't blame you if you feel dubious or confused about
Heal your body, mind, and soul through deep meditation.
If you could heal any ailment, both physical and mental, by using your mind alone, wouldn't you jump at the chance? It may sound like a plot of a sci-fi movie, but believe it or not, it's actually possible
True happiness boils down to very simple, surprising essentials. Unlock the secrets to real bliss.