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It all started in the food section of a supermarket...
One fine day in sunny L.A., Iza Calzado was doing some grocery shopping at the Erewhon Market when she spotted some cutie standing by the food section who she thought looked like a certain football superstar: David Beckham.She smiled at
Ironically, it's for the safety of the male attendees.
The Return of Kings pro-masculine group that was reportedly promoting the legalization of rape under certain circumstances has canceled its international meeting including the one supposedly scheduled on February 6 in Greenbelt, Makati City.Return of Kings (ROK) founder Roosh Valizadeh
"OMG. Is she prettier than me?"
Accidentally bumping into your boyfriend's former girlfriend can be awkward, but if for some reason, you two actually have to make small talk-say, at a common friend's wedding-well, we won't be surprised if your mind starts wandering
Do you like cheese? Because I love cheese very much.
Unfortunately, some of us weren't born social butterflies. Especially with guys-most especially with guys. So here it is: an account of what goes on in our heads when we try our hand at socializing with the boys. 1. Hide. Run
Are your friends dying to meet the hot guy you've been seeing? Read these rules before ringing up the <i>barkada</i>.
1. Wait until you're exclusive.There's no "right" time frame for introducing a guy to your friends, but his boyfriend status should be firmly in place.2. Don't make it a double date with your friend and her boyfriend. columnist Bianca Valerio shares the best ways for you to expand your dating horizons this summer!
Just this year, summer arrived earlier than expected! As we enter the season of "summer flings," we ask ourselves: Why has this sneaky rendezvous become a must-have for the wild at heart?For one, when the heat is scorching, hormones go
This summer, make it your goal to socialize and meet as many new people as possible. Make them enjoy your convo by following these tips.
1. Innocent gossiping makes you feel closer to others, according to a study. To become better at it, build intrigue with phrases like, "You'll never believe what happened next."2. Be sure to include some unusual, tantalizing details when you tell
Find out how to avoid awkward silences and engage in interesting talks at your next social gathering.
1. Make an effort to stay informed. Before going to a social event, catch up on the news and check out the web for some conversation starters so you'll have fascinating things to talk about. Just be sure to skip heavy
We've found a great place for your next big (or small) event. Choose from versatile, functional rooms and enjoy an exquisite dining experience.
We're at that age when we're either daydreaming about or planning our dream wedding. When our friends and cousins start getting married left and right, it's hard not to visualize the details we want for our own wedding. We