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One of the best things about living in a country with no autumn or winter? Being able to wear sandals 24/7 (except when it rains, but even that is arguable!) We love so many things about sandals-they're the perfect
Indulge your obsession for this summer footwear staple. Click through our ultimate gallery of the most fun and colorful pairs you can snag this season.
In a country as laidback and sunny as ours, it is quite common to see almost everyone strutting around in flip-flops (particularly on weekends), not just on the beach but around the city as well. If office dress codes actually permitted
You have an excuse to veer from sky-high heels this season. Love your height and strut fashionably in chic flats.
While you, Cosmo chicks, love your sexy high heels, you should give your legs and feet a break once in a while by walking around in comfy yet fasyon flats. Make summer that much-awaited break, as flat footwear returns with a
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