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Here are the top fragrances for men.
Many fragrances have come and gone, but these tried-and-tested ones have stood the test of time. You probably know the scent of most on this list. If not, you should pick the rest up and add them to your arsenal.
The more he looks like he lives outdoors, the better.
You know exactly who I'm talking about: He's the dude who looks like he reeks of onions, has tousled hair sticking to his forehead when it's parted the wrong way, and probably hasn't done laundry...ever.Thing
Hindi na ba uso yung, 'Think before you speak?'
Can you believe that even in the age of the #MeToo movement, some people, particularly men, are still unafraid to spout sexist nonsense? And in public, nonetheless. It seems like stupidity knows no bounds. So here's a quick recap of
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Keep these products in your SO's place-not only are they grooming essentials for him, you can use them as well when you want to freshen up! Nivea Men Sensitive Post-Shave Balm, WatsonsHuman Nature Hydrating Face Mist, P250, Robinsons
We're hearing it from the guys this time.
Women all over the world-especially in the Philippines!-are under a lot of pressure to make babies. But some women just aren't interested in being parents.What about guys, though? Are they under the same kind of pressure? Are there
Leave the shoe complaints at the door.
I'm not trying to say it's super easy to be a guy. But I am saying it seems way easier than being a woman, 90 percent of the time. There's so much stuff women have to think about daily
There's a repeat offender. *winks*
Among the many stunning women in the Philippines, Nadine Lustre was given the title of FHM Philippines' Sexiest Woman of 2017. But these gorgeous females aren't the only ones getting the attention; the men they've dated (or
How many have you read/dated?
1. Dorian Gray from The Pictures of Dorian Gray. He's obsessed with his looks and truly believes that beauty and sensual pleasure are basically the only point of life, so you can't exactly imagine this guy being there for you
Does his gym habit come with side effects?
Exercise is attached to a long list of benefits we've heard before: better sleep. More energy. A longer life. Recent research out of the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, however, reveals that men who work out intensely may have
No hair, don't care.
What we often forget is that when it comes to insecurities, no one is spared-not even men. Surpassed only by their fear of being "too short," men are anxious about hair loss. But according to a study from the University of
'The gap between men and women is closing rapidly when it comes to alcohol use and subsequent alcohol-related complications.'
A global study done by researchers at the University of New South Wales in Australia has revealed that "the gap between men and women is closing rapidly when it comes to alcohol use and subsequent alcohol-related complications.""Researchers looked at 68
Saranghaeyo, Oppa!
In case you haven't noticed, we're all going cray over everything Korean-from their dramas to their skincare products, and especially their older men. Here's a roundup of all our fave Korean actors over 35 who are still hotter
Some interesting descriptions in here.
As women, we were nervous enough about our first sexual experiences. The concept of a penis was a pretty daunting one when all was unknown, but guess what? Men were just as nervous to interact with a vagina for the first time.
Girl, you are not alone.
Jennifer Lawrence has found herself unlucky in love after dating Brits Nicholas Hoult and Chris Martin.The Oscar winner told news show Extra she has been single for months, and jokes she is beginning to forget what intimacy feels like.Asked why
Like adjust themselves.
1. Adjust themselves. Sometimes you need to pop downstairs and make sure everything in the basement is still OK, you know? All right, that wasn't a great metaphor, so let me try again. Sometimes you need to go to the BASEMENT
SPOILER: Someone said makeup!
Sure, men are traditionally regarded as the "stronger sex," but that status comes with pitfalls. Truth is, there are some things women do and perks women enjoy that men wish they had the chance to experience, too. Here, we got 10 real
Why do we get such a bad rap?
Sometimes guys get unfairly stereotyped as being callous and unfeeling; more interested in THE BIG SPORTS GAME and BEER DRINKING than being romantic. But that's not true. We might not have spent our adolescence scrapbooking our dream wedding or anything, but
FHM magazine's former resident unica hija and now Cosmo's managing editor Mich Lagdameo-Roque cracks the code of the Pinoy male mindset after years of varsity judo and working with an all-male staff.
I've always been "one of the boys," despite being prone to the occasional swipe of lipstick and purchase of gorgeous heels (who isn't, anyway?). Back in college, I was part of a judo varsity team and hung out with guys
Morena girls can get away with wearing anything.
Full disclosure: a lot of them are about your menstrual cycle.
1. Catcalling. It is insane just how often women get catcalled. It's borderline constant, unless you live in the Alaskan wilderness. It is so far removed from men's experiences that they can't even understand what it might be like.