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Coping is an endurance sport.
The first time I had a mental breakdown was during my second year of college. I just came back to school from the Christmas break and my dad, who'd lost his job, told me they might not be able to
It's a perfectly valid reaction.
In the time of COVID-19, emotions are running high, and people are dealing with this pandemic differently. There are those who are experiencing anxiety, fear, and loneliness-which can sometimes lead to randomly bursting into tears. But what if, in the
The struggle has been so, so real.
After the enhanced community quarantine was declared, many found themselves in a set-up they didn't anticipate: working from home. And if this is something you're not used to, it can be hard to adjust. Every article you
Embrace your inner TikToker, girl.
At the start of the ECQ, I couldn't go through Instagram Stories without seeing some version of a viral TikTok challenge. We're almost two months into the lockdown, and this still rings true. Indeed, people are at home,
One minute, you’re fine. And the next, you’re sobbing on the floor.
A few hours after the extension of the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) was announced, I was washing the dishes and I suddenly felt the urge to cry. I anticipated an extension and I actually think it's necessary, but even ironclad logic
A lot of people are experiencing the same thing.
For two weeks after the enhanced community quarantine was implemented, I wasn't sleeping properly. I tried to stick to my usual routine so my body clock wouldn't get messed up, but even that couldn't keep me
The coronavirus pandemic is anxiety-inducing. We want to help.
The whole world feels really chaotic right now. It's hard to focus on anything when your phone is constantly blowing up with apocalyptic push notifications and texts from anxious friends. Like the Cosmo team, hopefully, you are able to hunker
There’s no shame in asking for help.
Mental health awareness in our country has advanced greatly in the past few years. However, asking for help when it comes to our struggles is still uncommon. This is something I'm familiar with because I'm clinically diagnosed with depression,
A new study shows links to depression, anxiety, and more.
Many of the physical side effects of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (a hormonal disorder, commonly referred to as PCOS) are widely known: weight gain, irregular periods, excess body hair and-as the name suggests-cysts on the ovaries. It's thought to
'I realized that I can control who gets to see me, know me, hear me.'
Last December, after more than four years, I finally graduated college. My college life wasn't that bad: It honestly gave me some of my best memories. However, it also brought me close to the most toxic people I have ever had
You're sitting still, and in silence. Now what?
With anxiety and stress affecting more and more of us, it's no wonder the practice of meditation has also become more common. The idea is to calm your mind, and in doing so, your body. Which sounds pretty simple when
That's the anxiety cycle right there, ladies and gentlemen.
Anxiety is awful. If you suffer a prolonged period of intense anxiety, where you struggle to take control of your intrusive thoughts, it can go some way to scar you. Like, I never want to feel that way ever again. Then, when
Are you experiencing insomnia? Here's what you can do.
If you're struggling to sleep, the advice you'll see crop up time and time again is to establish a sense of calm to help you drop off. Ditching your phone, reading, or meditating are all commonly recommended methods
A study has linked it with an increase in depression and anxiety.
There's a fine line between having a love of online shopping and having an addiction to it. And according to psychotherapists, an addiction to buying things off the internet should be classified as a mental health condition.The term BSD,
And how to banish them.
Anxiety is one of the most vicious cycles our brains have to offer. Negative thoughts breed, which upset us. This disturbance causes us to focus on the thoughts which, in turn, allows them to grow and dominate further. It's one,
No wonder the insomnia/anxiety cycle is so hard to break.
Insomnia is often fueled by anxiety. You can't sleep, so you feel anxious about being unable to sleep, which then keeps you awake even longer. It's a well understood cycle-but new scientific research into the correlation between
Keep calm and sleep.
If you're someone who trades sleep to get more done in a day, then you're going about it all wrong. A new study shows that deep sleep can actually rewire the anxious brain.Researchers from the University of
Start planning with your barkada!
It's common knowledge that there's nothing better than calling up your BFFs and jumping on a plane to another country. But now, there's actual research from a psychologist, Dr. William Chopik, to suggest there's
We asked an expert for tips on how you can be a supportive partner.
Is your partner super irritable lately? Like they snap over the smallest things that never used to bother them before? As a loved one, you want to know how you can help them, but where do you begin?In a recent media
Is your job giving you anxiety?
In 2017, the World Health Organization (WHO) released global health estimates on depression and other mental health disorders. They reported that in the Philippines, 3.3 million people suffer from depression; and 3.1 million suffer from anxiety disorders. So why aren&#