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Don't feel guilty for needing time off.
If you've been feeling off lately and you don't know why, there's a good chance you haven't gotten much quality rest. Like, I accidentally got 11 hours of sleep last night and already I
'You only see what I post on social media but what I don't show are the challenges I go through every day.'
Miss Universe Philippines contestant Maureen Wroblewitz penned a lengthy Instagram post where she detailed why she needed to take a break for her mental health.Fresh from her trip to Pangasinan, Maureen began her post by writing, "I needed to take this
Atty. Chel says it's okay not to be okay!
Mental health has always been an important topic, more so during the pandemic. When human rights lawyer, teacher, 2022 national elections candidate, and now Tiktoker Atty. Chel Diokno sat down for a virtual interview with Summit Media journalists, Cosmo asked him for
If you've felt your inner confidence levels plummet recently, hard same.
During one of the seemingly endless days of the third lockdown, I found myself in tears over a typo. The typo itself wasn't necessarily the biggest issue. The problem was that I'd missed it. Only a week before,
'I've learned how to slow down and prioritize myself, too.'
It's been a little over two years since I started working from home on a daily basis due to the COVID-19 pandemic. To be completely honest, transitioning to this kind of setup wasn't quick and easy. Let&#
It's important!
ICYDK, we have officially gone past the 500-day mark of being in quarantine. Life hasn't really been easy since we went into lockdown early last year-everyone tried to cope in many different ways, but we just really needed
Make sure you continue to get the proper care you need.
It's been a few months since I started going to therapy. I honestly should've started earlier but there were a lot of factors that delayed me from seeing a psychiatrist-one of them being the heavy expenses. I
'I allow myself to relax more. I take the time to be grateful.'
I never thought I'd be the kind of person who used self-improvement apps. I always assumed I'd be able to navigate life's hurdles without having to resort to external help of that sort, because somehow the universe always
Don't be mad at Simone Biles for taking care of herself. Applaud her.
After struggling to land a 1.5 twist vault, a clearly distraught Simone Biles exited the Olympic gymnastics competition floor with her trainer. She would later return but not to compete. Initially, it was reported that Biles had pulled out of the
Man's best friend for a reason.
Need more proof that dogs are the best? Well, as it turns out just plain sleeping right next to them may improve your mental health. Yup, just a dog's presence is enough to make things better which is a huge
Cycling not only helped with my physical wellness, but also my mental health.
During the early days of the pandemic, I tried developing new hobbies because I wanted to find ways to cope with my emotions and internal struggles. The routine of being at home was getting to be too much on my mental health.
John had greeted me for my birthday for the first time in two years.
Fights with friends are inevitable. Sometimes, it's just a simple misunderstanding that you can let slide. But other times, it becomes a much bigger deal than you expected. And soon enough, you'll find yourself in the middle of an unspoken
For each hour earlier that you get up, you reduce the risk of depression.
If you prefer sleeping in and snoozing your alarm, it might be time to change your habits. According to a study by researchers from the University of Colorado Boulder and the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, morning people are actually happier
And other ways to respond to a friend who's checking in on you.
They're basically free therapy sessions. (But also, go to therapy.)
Here's a sentence that just about everyone with a pulse can relate to: My mental health has suffered a lot in the last year. Everybody is stressed out of their minds and stretched too thin. It's more important
You've got to try this!
In my line of work, I spend *several* hours online. When I'm not on my laptop, chances are you'll see me scrolling through my phone. Not gonna lie, my screen time can get pretty intense. In fact, as
'I was partying almost every single night, as in self-destructive talaga.'
In a "Me Time With Mitch" episode on her YouTube channel, Michelle Madrigal talks about her mental health, specifically the trauma she's experienced, her coping mechanisms, and what depression was like for her. Michelle was discovered when she was just
From fighting burnout to improving self-esteem.
Journaling has become super-popular in recent years, but it's not all about snapping pictures of your gorgeous layouts for the 'gram - keeping a mental health journal or a bullet journal can be really good for your mental wellbeing, too."Many
I returned to Manila feeling like my head and heart had been straightened out.
It was March 2, and my dad was preparing for a much-awaited flight to Cebu, after a month of having stayed in my Manila apartment for work errands. He had come from a 12-month contract abroad as a seafarer and
Meet Kristine Rosal.
Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, many industries had to make adjustments with their structure and manpower. It's no secret that a lot of companies suffered and as a result, some had to let go of their employees in order