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Or any other punctuation mark, actually.
Have you ever had that feeling of panic after receiving a text or WhatsApp message that ends with a full stop? You know, that stomach-dropping moment, when in a millisecond you comb through all of your previous interactions with that person,
This is for every person who loves to say, 'Sorry for the delayed response.'
But Mark Zuckerberg insists it's for a good reason.
In the wake of what's been a pretty rough few weeks privacy-wise for Facebook, the company revealed it analyzes users' private Facebook Messenger conversations in the same way it does with public content.CEO Mark Zuckerberg first hinted
Decode what he's trying to say.
Whether it was a bad breakup or an amicable one, getting over an ex is not exactly a walk in the park. There will be sleepless nights, dramatic thoughts, and crying sessions. But what makes everything harder is when you receive texts
'You made me who I am today.'
If you had the chance to talk to your ex or write him a letter, what would you tell him? Would you apologize for the things that happened between you two in the past, or would you thank him for the person
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1 Coleen Garcia and Billy Crawford, who had quite a rocky and controversial start, just hit their first year mark as a couple! The two, who fondly call themselves #BiCol, released super sweet posts on their respective Instagram accounts. Awwww! Happy Anniversary,