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She. Looks. Good!
OG YouTuber Michelle Phan's hair has gone through so many changes in years. First up is the lob-a classic choice, we must say.She had blonde tips in 2012.Only to dye it back to black again. She'
Get. That. Glow.
Celebrity makeup artist Nam Vo is famous for coining the term "Dewy Dumpling," which describes a gorgeous glowing makeup look with a second-skin finish. She's basically the highlighter fairy godmother on Instagram.The Hollywood MUA teamed up OG YouTuber
'Why I Left' explains why the beauty vlogger needed to take a break.
As one of the OG beauty gurus on YouTube, Michelle Phan has worked tirelessly over the years by constantly creating new content on her channel and launching business ventures on the side. But the pressure and stress of it all got to
Did your fave make the cut?
In the world of beauty YouTubers/gurus/Instagrammers/bloggers, there are just soooo many that it's hard to think which of them is "the best"-they're all great, BTW, but if there were a hierarchy of beauty gurus, who do
The beauty guru opens up about the disappointment of Em Cosmetics.
Last week, Forbes announced its first-ever global list of top influencers and, despite being off the grid for much of 2016, OG beauty YouTuber Michelle Phan took the No. 2 spot.Phan, one of the most successful beauty YouTube stars with
Phan-tastic tips from the YouTube beauty guru herself.
When Michelle Phan started creating videos on YouTube in 2007, never in her wildest dreams did she think that she could make a career out of it. Before YouTube, she was already creating content on other platforms like Xanga, after all.Eight