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Spoiler: It's definitely cooler than what you're imagining.
If a genie were standing in front of you and said it would grant you one wish, you'd probs ask for something, like, the ability to time-travel or teleport. Me? I'm asking to wake up in the
These semi-permanent treatments will make you ditch your makeup bag!
Can't leave the house without filling in your kilay? Or applying your go-to lipstick for a splash of color? Here's an idea: why not get these features semi-permanently tattooed by an expert so you can spare yourself a
Here's a way to convince your boyfriend to have it done with you!
Growing up, I didn't mind that I had thick brows. Keeping them on fleek actually became a priority in my everyday life. Brow pencils were my go-to besties to maintain what has become my trademark. But there were days whenever