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Or if you have no idea how to handle a stove.
Stuck alone during the quarantine with no idea how to cook or use a stove? Frequent deliveries can be hard on the wallet and canned goods can get old-not to mention unhealthy-real quick. Fortunately, your microwave serves purposes other than
You *have* to do this.
After who's-even-counting-anymore days in quarantine, legit nothing excites me anymore. Baking five loaves of banana bread? Been there. Tie-dying every loungewear set I own? Done that. Watching more hours of Netflix than I previously thought was humanly
For days when you're tamad AF.
Don't own an oven or a stove? Too lazy to cook? Or are your cooking skills limited to what your microwave can do for you? Yakisoba and corned beef aren't your only options, my friend.Tip: Once the noodles are
And other microwave-related questions, answered!
Microwave ovens and microwaved food have a bad rep for being dangerous to our bodies. But are they really all that horrible that we have to stop using them? Here's what you need to know:Does the microwave ruin the nutrients
Say goodbye to your failed attempts at cooking! Cosmo shows you the easy way to whip up yummy, healthy dishes.