Look cool and stylish, even when you're on the go.
When it's too hot outside to wear trousers, but you still want to look like you exerted a lot of effort into putting your outfit together, midi skirts are the way to go. Check out our picks:Say goodbye to that
Trendy and forgiving.
This summer, make sure to have a few midi dresses in your closet. Not only are they super easy to slip on, they're also forgiving AF on any figure. Scroll down for our picks:Green asymmetrical hem dress, P1,800, GeorgineBlush
You'll definitely be wearing it this holiday season.
Is it too soon to start thinking of outfits for all the upcoming Christmas parties? Because we're certainly feeling inspired-especially after seeing women like Hailee Steinfeld and Emily Blunt in the dreamiest dressed-up looks. And judging by their OOTDs,
The 'Me Before You' actress loves this style, and so should you!
Think your tiny body won't look good in the It-girl approved midi length? Think again! Game of Thrones and Me Before You actress Emilia Clarke, who stands at 5'2", has a penchant for walking the red carpet in midi
You need this, too.
While routinely stalking our style crushes on Instagram, one glaring detail caught our eye. Nope, we don't mean the amount of traveling Anne Curtis and company get up to (though that's certainly something to talk about)-we're talking about
And the top spot goes to...
INSTAGRAM: piawurtzbach, coleengarciaWe're not saying bye to our minis just yet (especially since it's summer), but midi skirts are certainly getting a lot of rotation in our closets, too. We've seen them everywhere in recent months-including on our
Our shortcut to ladylike dressing!
INSTAGRAM: (HEART) iamhearte, (ANGEL) myrrhlaotoThe midi is an ultra-feminine silhouette that proves you don't have to show excessive amounts of skin to look striking. Our go-to way of styling it almost always involves a slim top or bodice that
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