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It's the classic Pinoy dessert with a twist!
When it comes to Pinoy desserts, there's a *special* place in my heart for halo-halo. Even if I see options like leche flan, buko pandan, and fruit salad on the table, halo-halo would still be top tier for
Some of these ingredients might already be in your kitchen!
With the ongoing lockdown, the sad reality is that we can't dine in and hang out at our favorite cafes and restaurants-milk tea shops included. As a huuuge milk tea lover, this is kinda heartbreaking, lol. But thanks to
Perfect for takeout milk tea or coffee!
No matter what type of lockdown we're under, it's great to know that we can still get our favorite drinks via takeout or delivery. There's nothing like a refreshing or comforting drink to complete our day.
Spotted at the grocery.
Milk tea's definitely one of those things where its signature flavor's become so well-loved, you'll find other spinoff milk-tea flavored treats around as well. We recently spotted a snack we think you'll
Add this to your list of must-visit cafes!
No need to fly all the way to Seoul just to visit their W: Two Worlds-inspired comic book cafe. In case you haven't noticed, a handful of similarly designed local shops are slowly popping up across the country to give
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Hello there! If you've been obsessing over scented candles lately, you're not alone, girl. Lighting one up is an easy way to relax your senses since they're usually infused with essential oils like lavender or peppermint.
What a sweet deal!
Summer szn is upon us, and it's a perfect time to sip milk tea! Aside from the hot weather, the refreshing and sweet drink instantly gives good vibes. Those are two major reasons to justify your cravings, but we have
We can't wait!
Anna Cay's first order of business right after getting married is opening her own business with her husband Geloy-a milk tea shop called TeaTalk! In her Vlogmas Day 14 and 15 video upload, she shared with us the process
This milk-tea shop makes the interesting pairing work.
There are coffee lovers, and then there are tea lovers. But when done right, tea and coffee can taste surprisingly great together-as proven by a one-of-a-kind drink we recently tried: The Matcha Milk & Espresso Panna Cotta by milk
It'll keep your essentials germ-free!
With more and more restaurants allowing dine-in services, hotels reopening, and travel restrictions being lifted, leaving the house for more than just essentials is now much more acceptable despite COVID-19 cases still rising in the country. If you're
OMG, we want everything.
If we're being honest, milk tea is one of those drinks that are unbeatable-there's just an option for everyone, TBH. But in case you're a boba enthusiast who has tried all the popular flavors out
It comes in flavors like Salted Caramel, Ube Cheesecake, and more!
Who can resist a tall, creamy glass of milk tea? We've got good news for all of you milk-tea addicts: Army Navy expanded their LiberTea iced-tea series. They're now offering milk tea in different flavors in
It's even topped with chewy boba pearls!
Latin American cake tres leches is one of those desserts that is open to many interpretations thanks to its simple flavors and classic composition. We recently spotted ube tres leches as well as tres leches topped with yema that you can order
Yes, tea-flavored cheesecakes exist!
If we were to name two sweet treats that never fail to tickle our tastebuds, they would definitely have to be cheesecake and milk tea. Now imagine getting the best of both worlds in one bite. Yep, it's definitely possible!Introducing
From ice cream, to cake, to all sorts of spinoff drinks!
If you're crazy about Yakult, you'll know that there's way more to it than just its health benefits. The cultured milk drink also packs a tangy, somewhat citrusy flavor to it that's crave-worthy
I don't know about you guys, but whenever I go out, I make sure to get myself milk tea with lots of pearls. It's a refreshing, sweet treat that I believe I deserve after doing essential errands or
Because Yakult goes with everything.
Most of us fondly remember Yakult as a sweet childhood treat. While its fruity flavor is delicious enough on its own, the probiotic beverage can also work as a mixer! If you feel like experimenting with non-alcoholic Yakult mixes to create
We'll take a dozen of these, please!
We know you can't get enough of treats and desserts flavored by Japanese probiotic drink Yakult. In case you didn't know, you can get cake and ice cream that contains the popular beverage. If you're looking
You can now take your milk tea obsession to the next level by getting a plushie version of it! We found this cute bubble tea pillow online, and we can already envision it on our beds.This huggable pillow can help you
Use it to store makeup or even drinks!
The milk-tea craze is nowhere near dying, and if you want to take your obsession to the next level, you'll want to check out this adorable find that will remind you of your fave drink. Dubbed the Pearl Boba