Warning: This might make you crave milk tea.
From Cha Time to Tiger Sugar, to Yi Fang to Gong Cha-milk tea is everywhere in Manila right now. Wherever you go, you'll always be able to spot a handful of people slurping the popular drink, trying to get
Which ones have you tried already?
The perfect blend of creamy milk and tea, swirls of sweet caramel-colored sugar, chewy and tasty tapioca pearls... what's not to love about brown sugar milk tea? This is one bandwagon that has become a mainstay in the Pinoy
Share your love for milk tea!
The milk tea trend is still going strong and we don't see it dying down anytime soon. There's always something new in the world of milk tea-a new milk tea shop, a new flavor, and even a
We're here to give you our honest reviews of Chachago!
We're back with another taste test of a milk tea shop everyone's talking about: Chachago. This Taiwanese brand has more than just milk tea; they have fruit teas and Yakult-based drinks, too! They opened their first branch
And it's just in Maginhawa.
Have you ever found yourself drinking your usual order of milk tea and wondering, "This might be better with vodka." No? Just us?Apparently not, because alcohol-infused milk tea now exists and it can be found in Maginhawa! Tipsy Tea, as
How does milk tea factor into your budget?
It seems like every month, there's a new milk tea shop to be tried. With so many more to open soon around the metro, it got us thinking: How much do people love milk tea? Do they line up for
Plastic straws suck.
As delicious as bubble tea is, it has one major flaw rn: It's not environmentally friendly. Of course, people have began to ditch plastic straws, trading them for steel or bamboo ones. Some even bring their own tumblers, and you&#
But what exactly is creme brulee?
Brown sugar milk tea is the new matcha, apparently, and we're disappointed in ourselves because it turns out we've been sleeping on Thailand's latest craze: Fire Tiger by Seoulcial Club.Located in Thailand, people have been
Yes, WITH pearls!
Ever since Tiger Sugar stepped foot in the Philippines, the love and appreciation for brown sugar milk tea have been thriving. Even milk tea spots that didn't traditionally serve brown sugar drinks jumped on the bandwagon. But Taiwan is operating
Skip the long line!
With Manila's current summer heatwave situation, it would be best to just stay at home and sip on your favorite cold refreshments 24/7. Luckily for Bonifacio Global City and Makati residents, LalaFood now delivers Tiger Sugar Milk Tea! LalaFood
We're excited to try the drinks from their Aurora series!
First established in Taiwan in 2013, The Alley has won the hearts of many from across the globe, having branches in Canada, the U.S., France, Germany, Korea, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, HongKong, Macau, Thailand, Vietnam, and soon, Singapore.
Our honest reviews of Cha Tuk Chak!
Your girls are back with the tea (apologies, we had to). This time around, we're sharing our unfiltered thoughts on Cha Tuk Chak!Cha Tuk Chak burst into the milk tea scene in Manila just two years ago, but it's
In Olivia’s case, the certain someone is her dad!
We can totally relate to Olivia Manzano Reyes' distress when she found out that her dad, GP Reyes, finished the rest of her milk tea, which she calls bomba balls. "I need bomba balls, I need my bomba balls back! I think
Our honest reviews of Macao Imperial Tea!
We're back with our honest reviews, and this time, we'll be sharing our thoughts about Macao Imperial Tea. Hailing all the way from Macau (as the name suggests), this famous tea spot arrived in the Philippines around mid-2017. The
And it costs P500.
Milk tea lovers, this one's for you. The Philippines' ~*first*~ one-gallon milk tea is here to save you from having to think about what to bring the next time you're invited to a potluck. As the
Brown sugar in milk tea?
A two-hour line, seriously? Is anything worth that? Apparently, a lot of people think so because that's how long they're willing to wait for a taste of Tiger Sugar. Originally from Taiwan, Tiger Sugar opened its first
Their bestseller? Brown Sugar Boba Milk with Cream Mousse!
Now that the holiday rush is dying down, it's time to get back to your usual grind (read: drag yourself to work). But you can turn your year around by doing something exciting, even if it's as simple
Too embarrassed to admit you love something incredibly bad, tacky, or <i>jologs</i>? Don't worry, you're not alone.
We know we shouldn't, but we just can't help it. Here are a few things we simply cannot get enough of:Reality TV ShowsOne way to make ourselves feel better about our lives: watching other people's drama unfold on
Beat the heat with these tried and tested summer coolers!
1. When you need your kick of caffeine...Try an Asian Dolce Latte (P115) from Starbucks. This iced coffee drink is ideal for career chicks who need their coffee fix at work.[nextpage]2. When you're craving a creamy cooler...We
You'll be hooked on these rich comfort drinks that are guaranteed to put a smile on your face. A Hong Kong favorite is finally on Philippine shores!
What's your comfort indulgence? A warm cup of coffee at the start of the day? Or maybe a mug of hot chocolate after a stressful week? For those of you who have a taste for unique, rich flavors and are craving
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