Milk tea lovers, rejoice!
Back when people could still go out, getting your brown sugar milk tea fix would be the highlight of every milk tea lover's day. Select milk tea stores have resumed operations for takeout and delivery orders, pero sa totoo lang,
Missing milk tea already?
ATTENTION MILK TEA LOVERS! Serenitea just announced that they now offer DIY milk tea kits so you can make your favorite drink at home. On Facebook, they said that beginning April 18, cutomers can purchase Okinawa Milk Tea Home Kits. Each kit
The reopened stores also accept orders for takeout.
In the midst of these strange and dark times, people are looking for a ray of sunshine. For some, a good cup of milk tea is enough to cheer them up. If that is the case for you, here's good
Fulfill your ice cream and milk tea cravings in one go.
If you're looking for a cold and sweet treat while you spend the sweltering summer season at home, Tiger Sugar's got you covered.Aside from opening up a few select branches to quell your Brown Sugar milk tea cravings during
Kayang-kaya niyo 'to gawin at home.
First, there was "Dalgona Coffee," a TikTok trend that tested the strength of my wrist ('cause your girl does not own a hand mixer or even a whisk). Next, Erwan Heussaff changed the game by introducing "Dalgona Milo"-a special treat
If you just can't give up your milk tea cravings.
Need something to cool you down amid the sweltering summer heat? While we continue to practice physical distancing holed up in our homes, a few milk tea stores in Manila remain open for pickup and delivery, ensuring citizens in the metro a
Best P150 I ever spent.
There are very few celebrities whom I love more than Park Seo Joon. Most people can confirm that he's present in my daily life. In the morning, I wake up to my PSJ pillow, listening to "Good Morning" by Kassy
Milk tea with your barkada? Yes please!
ICYDK, March 8 is International Women's Day. On Sunday, we'll celebrate everything that we've accomplished and the things we're hoping to achieve soon (read: true gender equality).Until then, let's celebrate the little things that
BRB, pipila na kami.
In May 2019, we wrote about Fire Tiger by Seoulcial Club, a brand from Bangkok that's been winning over milk tea lovers everywhere. The one drink that really caught our eye was their Fire Tiger Milk Tea-because it was
They're less than P150 each!
Milk-tea lovers, we know your obsession for the wildly popular pearl-filled drink extends far beyond just the beverage itself. It's not enough to allocate part of your daily budget to one (or more) cups of this trendy drink,
What an interesting combination!
If there's anything the long lines and hours-long wait will tell you, it's that Tiger Sugar is one of the most loved milk tea spots in the metro; they've become one of the go-to brown sugar
You have to add Sakura Hanami to your must-try list.
Quenching one's thirst for milk tea while backed by an Instagram-worthy set-up is a killer combination for those who can appreciate a good drink and an unfailingly aesthetic IG feed. Throw in a pound of Japanese culture into the
Could this be our next big sweet obsession?
You guys, Tiger Sugar just added a new item to its menu: brown sugar boba ice cream!The Taiwanese milk tea brand made the announcement on Facebook on February 9.The new menu addition transforms milk tea fans' favorite brown sugar
From besties to business partners!
The milk tea craze is far from over. From the good ol' classic milk tea in a cup, we have managed to incorporate this drink into our lives in different forms: milk tea cheesecake with pearls, milk tea hair color, brown
JLD Dragon's first branch in the Philippines is in Robinsons Galleria!
It's no secret that over here at the Cosmo HQ, we'd risk our lives for a great cup of milk tea. Not to be dramatic but, we've endured standing in line for hours just to taste
They're a healthier alternative to pearls!
As if you need any more convincing to order another tall cup of milk tea, we found a new milk tea shop that you can add to your list of favorites! Popularized in Hong Kong, Tantea has finally found its way to
Happy anniversary, Alex and Mikee!
On October 31, Alex Gonzaga took to Instagram to announce that she has been in a relationship with non-showbiz boyfriend Mikee Morada for three years. The actress, who is known for her funny YouTube videos, posted a photo with Mikee as
We ordered Pearl Milk Tea drinks from five different brands and counted for you.
Picture this: It's 3:00 p.m., hindi ka pa tapos sa trabaho mo, hindi mo rin alam kung kailan ka makakauwi, and you try to think of something to make the day less stressful. For many of us (yung
The new series includes four butterscotch beverages.
Do you find yourself gravitating toward beverages with a caramel flavor, too? If that's the case, we have sweet, sweet news for you! Gong Cha recently released its new butterscotch series with four different beverages that will surely make any
They also have low-calorie options!
Attention, milk tea fans! It looks like we've got another boba obsession to fill our cups! Introducing Brown Cafe, a Thailand original that's promptly made its way to our country. Not that we're complaining though-the
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