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It's the new non-dairy alternative we’re all excited about!
Since online businesses have been taking off during this quarantine season, many people have been grabbing the opportunity to turn their homemaking skills into profits. Whether you're a moonlighter, a full-time entrepreneur, or a teen looking for a new
Perfect for a hot, sunny day!
You've probably stocked up on desserts, so why not pair them with cold drinks? We found a lot of freshly made flavored milk drinks online to complete your merienda. From ube milk to hard-to-find horchata, check out these
Introducing the Ruby Kokoa Chizu!
Attention, berry lovers: FRNK Milk Bar released a new drink called Ruby Kokoa Chizu, and we have a feeling you'll like it berry much. ;) Described as a "fusion of berry flavors mixed with kokoa," it's your next go-
There's nut milk, coconut milk, and grain milk!
The demand for cow's milk has plummeted for decades. According to Forbes, milk consumption in the US has dropped 36% since the 1970s, thanks to animal rights and environmental activists who have exposed the plights of cows and unhealthy milk production
New research is souring milk's reputation. But is it warranted?
Chances are, you had a mom/doctor/teacher who told you that milk is good for your bones and your health because it's a good source of calcium, vitamin D, and protein, and can prevent osteoporosis. Even the US government recommends
You can still maintain a healthy lifestyle despite your busy schedule.
Work, chores, and errands can fill up a girl's day pretty fast-before you know it, the sun has gone down and you're about to fall head to bed to start the cycle all over again. For the busy career
Discover how a glass of milk can bring out the goddess in you.
Looking for a natural and delicious source of nutrition that will also make heads turn? You'll want to gulp down more of this dairy beverage every day when you read on for its surprising health and beauty benefits.Not known to