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Seven crumpled receipts, no clean tissues.
1. Gum wrapper.2. A lot of Mysterious Purse Dust.3. An empty tissue packet wrapper.4. Seven crumpled receipts that you will never actually check against your bank account.5. A business card from someone you had a really promising networking
For starters, you're still using that phrase.
1. Your iPod has a clickwheel. They don't even make those anymore, dudes.2. You're pretty sure there was a cover-up about the Y2K bug. We're all fine.3. You still know who was part of your "displayed
"I used to go out ALL the time. Now I just stay in with Mike and drink red wine. Does that make me lame?"
1. The meaningless ways in which various alcohol affects a person. "Tequila makes me hyper." "Red wine drunk is like SO much sleepier than Champagne drunk." "I never remember ANYTHING when I'm drinking Jack."2. How drunk you were last night. "
Born between 1982 and 2004? You're probably misunderstood--like us!
1. We're all entitled. People think millennials all saunter into their first jobs and expect to be president of the company by week two. But these entitled types have been around for as long as people have been going to work.