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According to a Korean researcher who works in Seoul.
There's no denying that South Korea is one of the very few countries that's made notable progress in containing the virus. After the first case of COVID-19 was reported in January 2020, the country became determined to
Your success isn't measured by how much time you clock in at work.
By now, you've probably heard about the Japanese woman who died of heart failure because she worked too much. The month before she passed away, she worked an additional 159 hours, including weekends.The scary thing? Most people believe that to
You keep telling yourself that 25 or 30 is the new 21.
If a mid-life crisis involves the emotional questioning of identity and self-confidence in your '40s and beyond, there's a lesser-known phenomenon called the quarter-life crisis. The typical age for a quarter-life crisis is 25, but it
She's the president of a restaurant group, but she also has a day job.
If you've been to S Maison at Conrad Hotel or keep up with the latest restaurant openings, you're bound to have heard of Bijin Nabe by Tsukada Nojo (a Japanese hotpot that boasts of health and beauty properties with its
We can't wait to Instagram it!
Pantone may have introduced a new color this year, but it looks like millennial pink (or Rose Quartz) is here to stay. The world's largest cocoa processor, Barry Callebaut AG, just came out with a new natural chocolate color and it
Katrina Razon talks business and gets real about the music industry in the Philippines.
On July 25, 2017, Katrina Razon was part of a panel at the second annual Forbes Under 30 Summit Asia where they discussed the shifting perception of women who work and shatter traditional gender sat down with Katrina to
Do you know every word on this list?
Every day, we evolve and come up with new ways to express ourselves. You probably use "selfie" and "hangry" on a daily basis, but can you believe that 15 years ago, these words didn't exist? Here's a list of words
Hey, Alexandra—want to switch lives?
Ever wonder who the youngest billionaire is? According to Insider, it's 20-year-old Norwegian heiress Alexandra Andresen. Here's what we know about her: VIDEO: Jean SaturninoOriginal: Meet The World's Youngest BillionaireFollow Ysa on Instagram. Follow Jean on Instagram. ***
Simple, practical, and beautiful!
Gone are the days of beauty products housed in highly detailed and extravagant packaging. Today, it's all about clean and crisp designs that are excellent for traveling or being on-the-go-if there's one thing to say about millennials,
There's no doubt that after an eventful (and exhausting) 2016, Taylor Swift has been cruising under the radar. But wherever she is and whatever she's doing, we are so sure that she is low-key loving the fact that both "
'All you want to do is travel, travel, travel!'
It kind of gets monotonous hearing the term "millennial" thrown around the workplace. When an older person, say of the Gen-X or Baby Boomer generation, struggle to find the perfect adjective to describe their employees' or coworkers' habits, they automatically chalk
It's time to make some changes.
1. You're always tired.It's one thing to be tired after a last-minute grind in the office, but if you're perpetually exhausted, then something needs to change. Your sleeping habits might be holding you back. Not only are
There could be a LOT of factors.
BS-or the friendlier word, "myths"-about us millennials are rife on the Internet and in real life. How entitled we are, how we hop from one job to another, how poor we are with money because we blow off our wallets
This is totes relevant.
Millennial/Internet speak gives older generations a headache. The acronyms, the new terms, the halved words-they're growing in number nearly every day that even some of us twentysomethings have a hard time keeping up. To help you out, we've
You're not a girl, but you're not yet a woman.
Instagram/@juliabarretto1. Adults don't take you seriously. Your parents have a hard time adjusting to the fact that you are of age, so every time you ask permission to go out, the answer is always no. "But moooom, I'm an
That one time you went to Valkyrie, everyone was 21.
1. You turn 26 this year and that basically puts you under the mid- or late 20s category.2. Which also means you have to start acting like an adult. And #adulting is very hard. On days when you just can'