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Telling the girlfriend what to wear and what not to wear.
1. Feeling frustrated about not being just as or more successful than the girlfriend. Being "under" is the insecurity of a number of guys. Let's get this straight: A person's insecurity isn't exactly one's own fault; he can'
Thinking of going through his messages? Don't.
1. You go through his text and Facebook messages behind his back.Snooping, an invasion of privacy, breaks trust-your trust in him (if you spotted something fishy or you found out he's cheating on you) and his trust in you (
Sometimes smart people aren't as smart as they think they are.
Smart people don't have everything, and that's because being smart can only take people so far. They can end up without a job or a business just like the next guy, or be disliked by relevant people in their circle."
We help you avoid major fashion disasters.
To help you avoid throwing away your savings, having a room full of paper bags that will never be opened, or experiencing buyer's remorse or regret, we listed down the most common shopping mistakes-and how to avoid 'em.1. Shopping
Never making a move ever and hoping he guesses that you like him.
1. Giggling nonstop like a clown on nitrous. I know, I know, men love it when you laugh at their jokes but here's the thing-if his jokes aren't funny, you're encouraging him to make more horrible jokes, and
Nobody wants to make mistakes and deal with the distress and embarrassment that come after. But actually, there are upsides to failure, too.
1. You learn from your mistakes. Failure feels bad, which is why it speeds up your learning curve. For example, taking on a huge work project only to turn it in late teaches you to set more appropriate deadlines when your boss
A Cosmo chick wouldn't wallow in self-pity over not having a date on V-Day. She'll try to figure out how to get back on track. So, here's how to avoid four mistakes you may be making.
Single may equal "being ready to mingle" on 364 (or 365) days of the year, but come February 14, even the most sworn-to-singlehood sistah will still feel a twinge... Take Anna, 28, a dentist, for example. "When the Valentine's
Don't worry, it's probably not as bad as you think. Bounce back in no time with these tips.
We've all had our share of clumsy moments we wish we could erase. Before you feel the urge to crawl into a hole, instead work out a way to get over the embarrassment. "Agonizing over a mistake just gets you stuck
Some things you do at work may be subtly hurting your professional image. Read on to learn what they are--and how to mend your ways.
You speak up in meetings and work late without complaining. But despite busting your ass, you still might not be as far along in your career as you'd hoped. What gives? Well, according to experts at the Woodhull Institute for Ethical
Did your attempt to impress him completely bomb? Here's what you can do to make up for that major boo-boo.
If your bowl-him-over move backfired, smooth things over with these three steps.Source: Communication coach Peggy Klaus, author of Brag! The Art of Tooting Your Own Horn Without Blowing It
There are certain beauty habits that your man may not like. These real guys dish what they are. Read and learn.<br />