From legal dramas to a sweet romance, these remakes will have you hooked!
The TV and movie landscape is filled with remakes, and even K-Dramas are no exception! When done right, remakes can become immediate classics. Take, for instance, 2009's Boys Over Flowers, which is based on the popular Japanese manga and
Hell hath no fury like a wife who catches her husband with his mistress.
Last Saturday, May 6, a woman in Bangkok, Thailand drove a brand new Toyota Fortuner and chased a white Mercedes Benz being driven by her husband, who happened to have his mistress in the car with him. The Toyota Fortuner ended up
'He's nothing but a constant reminder of all the mistakes I made.'
Ask any heartbroken partner from a relationship split apart due to infidelity: Affairs can be bad news. That being said, they're also hella complicated, yet often blamed on the evil "home-wrecking" woman, who surely must be out to steal someone'
She now faces jail time for her insane move.
There are a lot of ways to reign in a cheating partner. But this is the first time we've heard of someone faking a bomb threat to do it.A 41-year-old mother-of-four from Annecy, France caused panic
'I witnessed the confrontation between my mom and my dad's mistress. To this day, I remember every detail.'
I was 21 when I found out that my father had been unfaithful to my mother. I was already an adult then, ideally able to deal with personal drama better, but nothing prepares you for seeing the two people who have been
'How do you even teach a woman how to become a mistress?'
Kris Aquino leads the pack of non-legal wives in Star Cinema's Etiquette For Mistresses, which also stars Claudine Barretto, Iza Calzado, Kim Chiu, and comedienne Cheena Crab.The movie explores the very hush-hush world of "the other women" and
Want to avoid being cheated on--again? Here, mistresses tell all. It's time you read and learn more about your man.
It's a question that plagues all of womankind: Why do guys stray? Maybe it's boredom, commitment-phobia, immaturity, clinging-girlfriend syndrome, rampant and incurable jerk-ism...or a combination of factors. One thing is for sure: When it happens to
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