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For when you just need to zone out for a bit.
Living in the Philippines means playing the game of life on extra-difficult mode-but the past few weeks have been something else entirely. If you want to zone out for a bit and quiet down all the scary thoughts, you can
For when you need a breather.
Being alive is...stressful. Sure, real life does have lots of redeeming factors and incomparable experiences, but we can't blame you if, once in a while, you just want to take a break from reality.For this list, we round
There are also useful tips for showering your cat and cutting their nails. #NEED
Kinain ka na ba ng Adorable Home? It's a mobile game with a minimalist interface that has adorable cats + a design-your-own-home feature that's got people all hyped up.To buy stuff in the game-like
10k steps per day for Wizards Unite? No problem—just don’t forget to look up!
If you're a fan of Pokémon GO, then we're pretty sure you've heard of software developer Niantic's newest mobile release. Potterheads, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is the game we've been waiting