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Closing all your apps does nothing. Nothing!
The New York Times teamed up with product recommendations site The Wirecutter to answer the most important of questions: What the hell does a person have to do to keep her goddamn phone battery working? It turns out what you've been
How many of these are you guilty of?
1. If you wake up in the middle of the night, it's the first thing you reach for. It might just be to check the time, but chances are, you get distracted by new notifications and end up on it for
Specifically the hand you usually hold your phone with.
We hear the message time and time again: technology is not good for our health. But does it stop us using it? Hellz no.But just to keep you in the loop, the latest health issue our smartphones are definitely causing us
Heads up! Your mobile phone number is a cyber criminal's best kept secret.
When Ian Caballero lost his cellphone signal on Thursday, July 2, he called up his network service provider, Globe Telecom, to inquire about what happened. He was told by the customer service representative that he asked for a SIM replacement in the
Nomophobia: no-mobile-phone-phobia.
Are you addicted to your cellphone? Do you find yourself constantly checking your inbox, Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook all day? You may be suffering from nomophobia, which is short for no-mobile-phone-phobia.According to data from the Pew Research Center,
Bid your boring nights goodbye with Cosmo's latest app for your mobile devices!
Heads up Cosmo girls! The Cosmopolitan Red-Hot Secrets app is now available on your iPhone and iPad, and it's the perfect companion for sexy time on the go. The app comes with sizzling sex positions, foreplay techniques, and bedroom tracks
How do style icons stay connected and updated? They reveal their messaging platform of choice at two recent events.
With their jam-packed schedules and busy lives, celebs are always looking for new ways to stay connected with their loved ones and peers. Aside from social networking, there's another way of communicating that's gained popularity among the tech-savvy
It's all about BEAUTY in Cosmo this month, so we wanted to keep you updated on the latest lust-worthy gadgets for busy college chicks and working girls!
Gone are the days when gadgets only came in basic black and silver shades preferred by guys. With nearly everyone becoming techie nowadays, it's only fair that us girls should have our pick of products suited to our needs and personalities.
When you travel this summer, indulge in the ultimate guilty pleasure: Chicklit! The cool part? You can get these books on your mobile phone! Find out how.
We know you gals live busy, fast-paced lives that keep you on the move all the time. But, so much of your days are wasted while you commute, wait in line, or visit a salon. How often do you just sit
Smart subscribers can use the mobile company's rewards program to score movie tickets at SM Cinemas.
Remember the credit card movie promo a while back which everyone really took advantage of? Just present your credit card receipt, and depending on the amount registered, you'd get a hundred bucks off each movie ticket you purchase. That surely saved
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