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Happy mother's day! XOXO
As a tribute to our favorite celebrity mommies, here are some of their sweetest moments on Instagram with their babies!VIDEO: Trina Elefante Follow Jacinda on Instagram. Follow Trina on Instagram.
Don't forget to give your mama a tight hug after reading this!
We've officially started May! This month not only signifies the final stretch of summer (boo-hoo), it's also the time to celebrate the most important woman in our lives: our moms! In a few weeks we'll be celebrating Mother'
And make sure you call grandma over for dinner tonight while you're at it.
Inviting lola over for dinner may actually extend her life-and increase its quality-a new study shows.Researchers at the University of California, San Francisco found that loneliness plays a large role in the decline so often associated with old age.
Mom means well, but sometimes she's just making your life more difficult than it already is.
Frenemy - (n) someone who is a friend but also a rival or someone you dislike1. She's your go-to person when adult things get to you, but she doesn't say the words you want to hear. You have a crisis
Here's how to deal with them and with your mom.
Count on Mom to drop a seemingly harmless quip that could set you off. Maybe it's her casual "Hinay-hinay lang sa rice," as you get a second helping of paella; or the way she brushes off your recent promotion with
She's a human who has stresses of her own!
1. Now that you pay rent and bills, you know that raising you was expensive. Yeah, cable is a lot each month and, yeah, paying rent is killing you very slowly, but all that pales in comparison to school and doctors and
You're turning into her, and you love it.
1. You look forward to going home.You don't even need a holiday or some other occasion. Sometimes you just go home for the weekend just to spend time with her.2. You have the most amazing role model in your
Moms! How we love them (now that we're old enough not to HATE THEM because they're SO UNFAIR, I'M GOING TO MY ROOM TO LISTEN TO ALANIS).
1. Her food is amazing. Mom's liempo, adobo, or sinigang always beats ANY fancy restaurant's recipe. ALWAYS!3. She's fun to talk to. On the phone. For three hours. Every mom has a billion opinions, and people with opinions
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It's almost Mother's Day! Do you already know what to get your best friend who just gave birth to her firstborn? Did your clueless bro-in-law ask you for advice on what to give your sister? Check out these
Spa services, hotel room packages, timeless jewelry--show your appreciation for the most important woman in your life by choosing from our Mom's Day picks!
Ever since she brought you into the world, your mom has been your number one fan! Because she deserves no less than the best on Mother's Day, go ahead and spoil her on this important day of the year.There are
Get an exclusive peek behind the scenes at the Cosmo shoot of this popular actress and her super cute tot, Alex Jazz.
The transition from being a single lady to a single mom is definitely not easy. You're so used to taking care of just yourself and your career, but now you have a child to think about--and your world suddenly revolves