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@fynestchina proves that Filipino moms give the scariest death stares.
You know how Asian moms (especially Filipino ones ) act so differently from their Western counterparts? I mean, let's face it: the rules are sometimes stricter, the dynamics are different, and you KNOW a Filipina mom or tita when you see-
Marian Rivera's fashion choices have always been chic and on-trend. We mean, who could forget the time she wore matching tuxedos with Dingdong?Let's also not forget about this dreamy off-shoulder dress, perf for summer in the
They're killing it in the showbiz scene.
There's a new generation of moms taking over the scene. Apart from being hands-on moms to their kids, these ladies are killing it in the showbiz industry. They know how to balance their family life with their careers. And, it'
You might need a new wardrobe.
Most people think breastfeeding is a beautiful, natural thing that all mothers can do-just magically put their babies near their breast, and out comes the milk! And while it's true that breastfeeding is an intimate and rewarding experience, most people
'This is an experience you can't fully grasp until you go through it.'
Motherhood is no walk in the park. It's a life of sacrifice, hardship, and tears. There are sleepless nights, so many expenses, and so much fatigue. But mothers face a lot of other struggles that most people don't talk about:
You're actually just 'borrowing' them.
Have you always been curious about your mom's beauty routine-like what keeps her skin glowing and youthful? Or maybe you've wondered how those expensive creams and lipsticks on her vanity worked?We know you're tempted to try them
They give us a glimpse of just how strong and special all mothers are.
She works tirelessly to give you everything you need and constantly worries about you. And while you don't always see eye to eye, you know that she always has your best interest at heart-that's MOM for you! And as
They're not afraid to flaunt it!
Whoever said that moms can't flaunt their bikini bodies have got it all wrong. Here, we round up 11 of the most fabulous bikini shots of our favorite celebrity hot mommas:12. Sarah Lahbati sizzles in sunshine yellow.This story originally
And make sure you call grandma over for dinner tonight while you're at it.
Inviting lola over for dinner may actually extend her life-and increase its quality-a new study shows.Researchers at the University of California, San Francisco found that loneliness plays a large role in the decline so often associated with old age.
Mom means well, but sometimes she's just making your life more difficult than it already is.
Frenemy - (n) someone who is a friend but also a rival or someone you dislike1. She's your go-to person when adult things get to you, but she doesn't say the words you want to hear. You have a crisis
Here's how to deal with them and with your mom.
Count on Mom to drop a seemingly harmless quip that could set you off. Maybe it's her casual "Hinay-hinay lang sa rice," as you get a second helping of paella; or the way she brushes off your recent promotion with
She's a human who has stresses of her own!
1. Now that you pay rent and bills, you know that raising you was expensive. Yeah, cable is a lot each month and, yeah, paying rent is killing you very slowly, but all that pales in comparison to school and doctors and
Who says you have to sacrifice style because you have kids?
Even if these stars are busy juggling their career and motherhood, they still manage to look ~*fabulous*~. See how these celebrity moms styled everyday clothing-pieces you probably already have in your closet-below.Andi Manzano spices up her loose white tee