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The 24-year old actress-turned-vlogger is this year’s top content creator in the Philippines.
When Ivana Alawi decided to venture into vlogging, she was skeptical at first about being accepted by the audience. She reveals that it was her younger sister Mona who convinced her to vlog, since the teenager thought it's a good
Taking notes RN!
Matching outfits aren't just for couples-you can try them with your siblings, too! If you need some inspo on how to coordinate outfits with your sibs without making them look cringy, just check out Ivana and Mona Alawi'
'Masaya na 'ko sa ilong ko.'
Ivana Alawi had a lot of things to say in her latest YouTube video.On July 29, Ivana uploaded content wherein she reacted to people's mean comments about her. She and her sister Mona Alawi ate noodles as they read
With initial designs of the main rooms, wow!
You already know that Ivana Alawi has been building her family's new home for quite some time now. We even saw the land she bought before construction even began; it was right before she surprised her brother Hash with his *
Here's everything they did to celebrate Mother's Day!
We all know Ivana Alawi *loves* surprising people, especially the people closest to her heart. Remember when she bought her brother Hash his own lot (one that's near their family's future home)? Or when she gave her mom
Get ready for some tears.
We all know the Alawis looove pulling pranks on each other. In fact, a favorite is when Ivana covered her brother Hash's bed with fake cockroaches before waking him up. But the fans know it's just how these
Make sure you're eating something, too.
There are many things to love about Ivana Alawi, but her sense of humor and carefree attitude are tied at the top of the list. In her latest YouTube video, a mukbang with sister Mona, Ivana answers fan questions, and honestly, para