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Producer and director Jesus Colmenar says that the second volume is 'a very special one.'
ICYMI, the second volume of the final season of Money Heist officially dropped on Netflix today, December 3. Like us, chances are you're probably still not over *that* intense ending from the first volume! The end of the greatest heist
Are you ready for the final episode of 'Money Heist?'
Merry (almost) Christmas, everyone! It's the beginning of a new month, which means we have a bunch of exciting movies and shows to add to our binge-watching list. Netflix is bringing us fresh seasons of our fave series + intriguing
We want them all!
You guys, Christmas is about to get a lot ~merrier~ because Netflix Philippines has a special treat for all of us. Welcome, everyone, to the *Noche Buena baskets*, which are inspired by our fave Netflix show and movies. The streaming site is
These will get your brain cells maxed out and yup, body parts clenching.
Don't lie: Your entire body seizes up when you're watching someone in a life-or-death situation on screen-and that includes your derriere. We're sure you know that awesome sigh of relief you let go
We've got horror, romance, action, and so much more!
Aaaand we're in the -ber months already! But before we get flooded with all the holiday titles to celebrate the yuletide season, Netflix is dropping a bunch of series this September from a variety of genres-from horror to romance
The end of the greatest heist in history is approaching!
Netflix's Money Heist is officially back for Season 5, and the streaming giant has revealed a release date and trailer! If you're still reeling over *that* cliffhanger of the fourth season, you'll be pleased to know
You might remember him as Kim Jae Hyuk in 'Prison Playbook'!
Before he was cast in the Korean adaptation of Netflix's Money Heist, Park Hae Soo has already impressed K-drama fans with his commendable performance in the tVN drama, Prison Playbook. Now that he's set to lead in
She's so talented, she got the lead role in a film after her very first audition!
Unlike many of the top Korean actresses of her generation, Jeon Jong Seo has only starred in a handful of movies-and now she's headlining the Korean adaptation of Money Heist as Tokyo. I'm telling you: she'
See you soon, Denver!
Ah, Kim Ji Hoon: The perfectly scary and *hot* villain in Flower Of Evil who is also starring in the upcoming Korean adaptation of Money Heist as Denver! While he gained maaany new fans after his Flower Of Evil stint, Ji Hoon
Of course 'Money Heist' is number one!
Movies and series that make our hearts race? Yes, please! Unsurprisingly, Money Heist: Part 4 is the most-watched thriller on Netflix this year. Below is a list of other heart-pumping shows and movies that made 2020 even more exciting: The
Here's how they pulled it off!
Money Heist fans, here's one photoshoot that'll be hard to top: A Pinoy couple, Andrew Roilo and Inez Quial, just had a La Casa De Papel-inspired prenup shoot. The Temple of Leah in Cebu became the Royal
Annyeong and bella ciao!
Update as of March 31, 2021: Hello, La Casa De Papel fans! News about a possible Korean adaptation from BH Entertainment and ZIUM Content broke out in June 2020, and we're sure you've been *hungry* for updates ever
Would you watch an American version of 'Hotel Del Luna?'
Every year, the entertainment industry sees a fresh set of TV show remakes, such as a foreign country breathing new life into a well-loved K-drama or vice versa. Take our local version of Descendants Of The Sun for example, which
It's a combination of K-dramas, Filipino films, and American sitcoms!
Yup, the pandemic is still ongoing, and we are all dealing with it differently. One thing that probably takes your mind off the *stress* is watching-and rewatching-movies and series! According to a recent study by the iprice Group, which focused
Ft. the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas!
Hola and Money Heist fans! We know you're missing the Spanish TV series and that you can't wait for a *possible* fifth season. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, a Filipino designer from Iloilo even created Money Heist-inspired
Get some insider info from Javier Gómez Santander!
Here's more reason to binge-watch the fourth season of Netflix's La Casa de Papel-Money Heist to international audiences-if you haven't already! You can catch the show's lead writer and executive producer,
Aww, gracias!
The Netflix series Money Heist sent love to the Filipino frontliners in the fight against COVID-19.On April 21, the official Twitter account of Money Heist ~noticed~ a photo of Pinoy frontliners wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) inspired by the Netflix
'Poor guy, he misses you a lot and really wants to see you soon.'
It was both a moment of kilig and fangirling for actress Lovi Poe when she woke up to the sweet message of her British boyfriend, Montgomery "Monty" Blencowe.Kilig? Understandable. Lovi has been having a long-distance relationship with Monty for a
Inspired by the likes of 'Money Heist' and 'Power Rangers'!
As our medical workers painstakingly fight the COVID-19 crisis in the frontlines, the fashion industry has taken it upon itself to provide them with badly-needed equipment essential for their own protection. Iloilo-based designers in particular have gone viral on