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Answer: VERY.
If you like makeup and are the type of person who can spend hours on YouTube pondering the meaning of life and/or the best foundations for oily skin, chances are you're well aware of Jeffree Star. The MUA is
And what to do so you're not always broke.
A common money problem we can all relate to: One day, you're great at being frugal and keeping a budget; the next day, your impulse purchase game is stronger. Constantly looking at how much you have in your bank account won'
Bollywood + Hollywood = Rich AF.
You might be familiar with Priyanka Chopra because she recently got engaged to your imaginary boyfriend Nick Jonas, but you should be familiar with her because she's one of the hardest working women in Hollywood-not to mention in Hollywood&#
Her net worth is impressive, we tell you.
Meghan Markle has 99 problems and the fact that her dad won't stop talking to TMZ is one of them. But definitely not on her list of personal issues? Her bank account. Because when it comes to money, Meghan Markle
Make room!
Fashion girls know that with regular shopping, the accumulation of clothes is an unavoidable occurence. This leads to storage and space problems, which not everyone has the luxury of dealing with. So what else is there to do? Spring cleaning! Here'
Samantha Dizon is the woman behind Candid Clothing.
ICYMI, sustainable fashion is in! More and more people are making the effort to know where their things come from. That's why we were delighted to talk to Samantha Dizon, the woman behind Candid Clothing. Launched in November 2017, Candid
A little self-control and financial responsibility go a long way.
To swipe or not to swipe? Having a credit card comes with a lot of perks and convenience-promos, points, and (safe) online shopping. But what happens when you realize at the end of the month that you went a little overboard
'How come [insert name] earns more than me?'
Knowing how to ask for a pay rise can be a tricky affair. And while we've already covered off what to say and how to approach the conversation, we haven't touched on all the things you should avoid
It can 'change your life financially.'
Before 2017 ended, people across several countries have asked Google how they could get rich with bitcoin or how to buy bitcoin. Bitcoin even took the second highest spot on Google's global news trends in 2017. On social media and even
It won't be easy, but it'll be worth it.
There's no better time to start saving money, spending less on trivial things, and investing more in experiences or worthy purchases than the new year. Of course, it's easier said than done, but you can always turn to the strategies
Negin Mirsalehi's company is called Gisou, and it's completely self-funded.
In the last five years, 29-year-old beauty influencer Negin Mirsalehi has amassed over four million Instagram followers; to give you some idea of how insane that is, she has a larger following than Saint Laurent! Because of this, she'
It's never too late for a career change.
Thinking of a doing drastic career change lately? Trust me, it's never too late for things like that-especially if you're looking to expand your skill set. My first job as a passenger service agent (aka ground stewardess)
These eight famous female celebs are breaking the mold and changing the game. Not only are they making names for themselves, they're actually making way more than their equally successful husbands!VIDEO EDITED BY: Janaeka Sam Navalta, Marlon SalazarFollow Ysa
Unsurprisingly, it’s MUCH more than what teachers earn here.
In terms of salary, teachers are truly underappreciated professionals in the Philippines. The job is physically and mentally draining. Considering teachers have a bunch of students under their care-a huge responsibility-we believe they should be earning much more. The starting
She's come a long way from 'Superbad.'
Remember when everyone and their mothers couldn't shut up about La La Land? The movie had its fair share of critics, true, but a lot of people appreciated its inspirational yet realistic message. So much so that at the global box
She landed a spot on Forbes' highest-paid actresses list in 2017.
You know how so many child stars desperately want to forget the roles that made them famous? And we kinda get it: It's hard to take on new roles if you've been pigeonholed. But Emma Watson doesn't feel that
Which sister makes the most?
According to Forbes, in 2016, the Kardashian-Jenner women collectively made an estimated $122.5 million. But, in their empire, how much money is each woman really making? Kris Jenner$11.5 millionThis momager earns $4.3 million every year from Keeping
Passbook accounts are generally safer than ATM accounts for long-term storage of savings.
Whether you just started your first job or have been a career woman for some time now, this guide on passbook accounts for the first-time saver will tell you everything you need to know before applying.Passbook vs. ATMThe two types
For one, he's more likely to cheat.
Warning: This article contains information that can be hard to bear.1. He's more likely to cheat.The less money someone earns compared to his/her spouse, the more he/she is likely to cheat. This is especially true for the
To lend or not to lend?
Talking about money with other people can be sticky, especially when the conversation veers towards utang. Everybody has experienced having a relative or a friend borrow a bit of cash for different reasons, and there's really nothing wrong with that especially