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Know what to say the next time a man jokes, ‘Is it that time of the month?’
If you've ever spent the days leading up to your period nursing various aches and pains or stewing in irritation at all of the things, know that you're not alone. Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) affects as many as three out of
'We know this is a taboo topic so we decided to address it!'
The Bullied Husbands Club seems to be really busy lately. Just last week, Nico Bolzico welcomed Dingdong Dantes as their newest member, and Erwan Heussaff told us what signs to watch out for to determine if someone is a "bullied husband" or
There's a reason period panties don't just feel like wearing a diaper.
While the idea of period panties, or underwear that acts as a wearable pad and soaks up your period blood, might make you a lil' skeptical at first, there's a reason why they're gaining in popularity like
They impact your monthly cycle in varying degrees.
You get one every month, so you probably have a pretty good idea of what's normal for your body when it comes to your period. But if there's one thing that can throw a cat amongst the metaphorical
Say goodbye to period woes!
It's a perennial girl problem: having one's period can turn a perfect day into an uncomfortable one and getting back stains can totally ruin your day. Don't make back stains a normal part of your life! We have to